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  • 1978
  • 6.2  (17)

College Girls is a hindi film about the value systems of the middle class family and their problems. The film centers around Dr. Shri Ram Lagoo, his wife and their two college aged daughters trying to live the middle-class life on the income of their father, who works in a jewelry store. Asha is the oldest daughter. She is in love with Ravi and all is well, while Madu spends alot of time hanging with her friends. They are normal girls enjoying their youth.

Dr. Lagoo is entrusted by his employer to deliver some expensive jewelry to a family in the town of Jaipur. To get there he takes the train to his destination. He is beaten, robbed and thrown from the train by a group of thugs. Dr. Lagoo survives, but his employer does not believe him about the attack. He is fired from his job for breach of trust and eventually ends up in jail. Unable to pay his mortgage, the family is evicted from their home. The middle class family has become destitute.

Madhu, the youngest daughter falls into bad company. Her mother asks her to sell a necklace for money, but Madhu is mugged and the necklace is taken from her. In an attempt to get money for the family, Madhu falls into a life of ill repute to help support the family, becoming the property of a dangerous gangster, and finds there is no way out. The family becomes the object of gossip around town.

The older sister Asha has successfully completed her course in law. She steps in and helps her sister and father. Though it is not easy, she does her best to help her family. This a film about the triumph of good over evil and the unbreakable bond of family. When all is lost, Asha steps up to right the wrong that was done out of love for her family.

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    6.2  (17)