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  • 2017
  • 1 hr 55 min
  • 0.0  (23)

Conflict of Interest is a 2017 drama film directed by Laura J. Madden and stars Jazsmin Lewis, Thomas Mikal Ford, and Bria L. Murphy. The movie revolves around a successful attorney named Simone Burner (played by Jazsmin Lewis) who works at a prestigious law firm. Simone is at the top of her game, earning accolades and awards as well as the respect and admiration of her colleagues.

However, things take a turn for the worse when Simone is given a case that challenges her personal and professional integrity. The case involves defending a client named Sean Clark (played by Karon Riley) who is accused of rape. Simone is initially hesitant to take on the case because of the serious nature of the crime. However, her boss convinces her that every client deserves a fair trial and that Simone's skills as a lawyer are needed to ensure justice is served.

As the case progresses, Simone realizes that there are complications that go beyond the courtroom. She discovers that her client may not be entirely truthful and that there are political and personal motivations behind the accusations. The case also brings up her own traumatic past experiences, making her question if she can properly represent her client and whether she is truly free of biases.

Simone's personal life also begins to unravel as her husband starts to suspect that she is having an affair with her colleague Kent (played by Brian J. White). Simone denies the allegations, but the constant accusations and distrust cause strain in her marriage. The stress and pressure from both the case and her personal life begin to take a toll on Simone, as she struggles to keep it together.

The film explores themes of integrity, morality, and how our past experiences shape our worldview and decision-making. It also delves into the issue of sexual assault and the difficulties that lawyers face when representing clients accused of such crimes.

The performances in Conflict of Interest are top-notch, with Jazsmin Lewis delivering a nuanced portrayal of a lawyer caught in a moral dilemma. Thomas Mikal Ford, in his final film before his sudden passing, provides a strong supporting performance as Simone's boss. Bria L. Murphy also shines in her role as Simone's assistant, providing a much-needed comic relief to the tension-filled plot.

Overall, Conflict of Interest is a thought-provoking film that offers a realistic portrayal of the world of law and the ethical dilemmas that lawyers face. It's a well-acted and well-directed movie that will leave viewers questioning their own beliefs and biases.

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