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  • 2022
  • 1 hr 3 min
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Conversion (2022) is a captivating psychological thriller that delves into the depths of the human mind and explores the power of persuasion and manipulation. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker David Epstein, this thought-provoking film features a stellar cast, led by the extraordinarily talented Zachary Quinto, Charles Silverstein, and Gerald Davison.

Set in a not-so-distant future, Conversion introduces us to a society where mind control and psychological warfare are disturbingly pervasive. The story revolves around Dr. Oliver Green (Zachary Quinto), a renowned professor of psychology at the prestigious University of Vireo. Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Dr. Green becomes fixated on understanding how certain individuals possess the ability to influence and manipulate others with alarming ease.

Amidst his research and academic endeavors, Dr. Green stumbles upon a mysterious figure known as The Whisperer, played menacingly by Charles Silverstein. The Whisperer is an underground cult leader with an extraordinary gift for persuasion and an uncanny ability to control the actions and thoughts of those around him. Driven by a desire to unravel the secrets behind The Whisperer's manipulation tactics, Dr. Green embarks on a dangerous journey down a rabbit hole of psychological intrigue.

As the film progresses, Dr. Green uncovers a dark and intricate web of secrets, conspiracy, and mind-bending experiments. He encounters a variety of intriguing characters, including former members of The Whisperer's cult who have since recognized the devastating consequences of their blind loyalty. Alongside them is Dr. Green's loyal colleague and confidant, Dr. Steven Adler (Gerald Davison), who aids him in unraveling the disturbing truth about The Whisperer's hold on vulnerable individuals.

Throughout the movie, the audience is confronted with the profound ethical questions surrounding the boundaries of influence and control. Conversion continuously challenges our preconceived notions of free will, prompting us to reflect on the delicate balance between persuasion and coercion and the implications of crossing that line. It invites us to reevaluate the power dynamics between manipulators and their victims, exploring the lasting psychological scars left behind by such profound intrusion into the human psyche.

Every aspect of Conversion is masterfully crafted, from the eerie cinematography that immerses the audience in an unsettling atmosphere, to the hauntingly beautiful original score that heightens the tension. Each scene exudes a palpable sense of unease, mirroring the inner turmoil and paranoia of the characters. The exceptional performances by Quinto, Silverstein, and Davison serve as the backbone of the film, as they imbue their characters with depth, vulnerability, and a nuanced exploration of human psychology.

Conversion is more than just a riveting thriller; it is a cautionary tale that holds up a mirror to our society's incessant pursuit of power and control. It serves as a reminder of the fragility of the human mind and the precariousness of our ability to resist external influence. This thought-provoking film invites viewers to question the world around them and engage in a disconcerting exploration of the human psyche.

In conclusion, Conversion is an enthralling psychological thriller that combines exceptional performances with an engrossing exploration of the power of manipulation and control. It confronts its audience with profound ethical dilemmas while keeping them on the edge of their seats. With its thought-provoking narrative, captivating visuals, and exceptional cast, Conversion is set to be a standout cinematic experience in 2022.

Conversion is a 2022 documentary with a runtime of 1 hour and 3 minutes. It has received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.6.

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