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Inspired by the iconic 1970s series, In Search Of will examine unexplained phenomena from all over the world. Each episode will follow Zachary Quinto as he investigates a different subject within a dynamic theme - such as alien encounters, mysterious creatures, UFO sightings, time travel and artificial intelligence - and searches for the truth to some of the world's greatest mysteries.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on History
1 Season, 10 Episodes
July 20, 2018
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Zachary Quinto, Eddie Schmidt
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  • Zach continues his epic quest to find the lost civilization of Atlantis and proof that it was a real and thriving empire. On the island of Sardinia, he uncovers even more compelling evidence of an advanced civilization matching Plato's description of Atlantis--both inside a dark cave and amongst ancient circular ruins. He then shifts his search--looking for clues about the descendants of Atlantis and their connection to the rare RH negative blood type. This ultimately leads him to a shocking new location in Morocco, where he uncovers more connections to Plato's checklist than anywhere else he's encountered on his search.

  • Zach begins an epic two-part journey to find the lost civilization of Atlantis. He starts in Greece, where he dives deep into the heart of the Mediterranean Sea to look for signs of Atlantis amongst the relics of a sunken settlement.

  • Zach wonders if life can happen after death. He meets a Texas man who died and came back to life, attempts to speak with spirits from beyond the grave, looks at cryogenics at the Alcor laboratories, and uncovers an anti-aging pill.

  • Zach explores psychological mind control by meeting a victim with an electronic harassment device that was surgically implanted, and examining the sonic attacks on American diplomats in Cuba. In the end, he agrees to give up control of his mind.

  • Zach explores the unpredictable phenomenon of Sinkholes to determine what causes them.

  • Zach charts a journey to determine whether time travel is possible. He meets a man who claims to have traveled back in time due to a secret government program and a group of people living in Liverpool known as "time slippers."

  • Zach investigates the possibility that artificial intelligence may already be a threat to humanity. He visits Facebook headquarters, where he learns about a failed experiment that went wrong when two chat boxes created a language that only they could understand. He also gets a firsthand look at the world's latest technology, including lifelike dolls programmed with advanced AI, robots that learn and communicate telepathically, highly intelligent drones of war and self-driving cars.

  • Zach sets out to research strange creatures from the depths of the ocean and to see how much they lend to the monsters that are depicted in myth and legend; a teenager who was savagely attacked by a swarm of mysterious flesh-eating monsters.

  • Zach wants to understand how one can be Superhuman; he meets a man who bent the metal frame of car door with his bare hands in a moment of crisis; a Shaolin warrior monk who shows Zach some of the secrets to his training.

  • Zach sets out to discover whether Aliens exist and what evidence we have to prove it. He meets with several who say they have encountered extra-terrestrial life--a man who has been abducted by aliens several times since childhood; a man who claims to have extracted an alien implant; and a woman who shows Zach what it feels like to be abducted into a spacecraft. Zach also meets with the world's leading scientists at SETI in Green Banks, West Virginia. There, utilizing the world's largest telescope, they show him the methods they employ to communicate with potential other-worldly visitors and what this research has taught them about a mysterious radio signal they picked up 3 billion light years away.

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