Cotton Mary

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Cotton Mary is a hospital aide living on the Malabar Coast of India during the mid 1950s. Half white and half Indian, she is a proud Anglophile who lords her British ancestry over her peers. When a young Englishwoman named Lily who is under her care gives birth to a sickly infant, Mary seizes the opportunity and uses her access to a wet nurse and Lily's overwhelmed state as a way of working herself into a position of authority in the English household.

| 1999 | 2 hr 4 min | 5.3/10 | 52/100
Greta Scacchi, Madhur Jaffrey, James Wilby, Sarah Badel
Ismail Merchant,Madhur Jaffrey (co-director)
Produced By
Nayeem Hafizka, Richard Hawley, Paul Bradley (executive), Gil Donaldson (associate)
Cotton Mary
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