"Your journey terminates here"

Creep is a 2004 British horror film that tells the story of a woman who winds up trapped overnight beneath the streets of London. While she is trapped, she is being stalked by a deformed serial killer that is said to live in the sewers. The woman, Kate, found herself locked in the subway overnight after trying to meet up with a friend, whom she was supposed to go to a party with, and having fallen asleep on the platform. When she boards the next empty train that arrives in the station, she soon finds herself in more trouble than before when the train comes to a sudden stop. Kate has no idea that the driver has been killed when she runs into a guy that has been obsessed with her. When he attacks her and sexually assaults her, he is dragged off by an unseen attacker. Kate then flees the train and must continue her terrifying night trying to find her way out of the subway.

| 2004 | 1 hr 21 min | 5.6/10
Christopher Smith

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