Crime in Connecticut: The Story of Alex Kelly

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  • 1999
  • 5.4  (327)

Crime in Connecticut: The Story of Alex Kelly is a 1999 film based on a true story that captures the essence of 1980s American society. The movie focuses on the life of Alex Kelly, a wealthy and charming high-school senior studying in a privileged high school in Darien, Connecticut. At the peak of his academic and social life, he meets a 16-year-old girl named Cathy, whom he invites for a ride in his car. He then sexually assaults her, an act that sets in motion a highly-publicized and controversial trial.

The film is divided into two parts, each depicting the culmination of different phases in Alex's life. The first part depicts the rape incident, followed by the teenage girl's struggle to bring the perpetrator to justice. The second half centers on Alex's extradition to the United States from Switzerland, where he fled to evade prosecution.

The movie opens with a party scene, where all the rich and famous kids in Darien are hanging out, enjoying a carefree summer. It is here that Alex meets Cathy, and they hit it off. Alex, charming and confident, assures Cathy that he will take her home safely. On their way home, Alex makes a move on Cathy, attempting to have sex with her without her consent. Cathy protests, fighting back verbally, and physically but to no avail. Alex beats her and rapes her, after which he leaves her, traumatized and alone.

The initial few scenes showcase how the rape incident shakes up Cathy's life and her family's lives. Her parents are anxious, and the little support they can garner is from their lawyer. They discuss, plan, and decide to bring Alex to court. They succeed in doing so, but Alex flees to Europe, as reported later in the news. He lives it up and goes from one exotic country to the other. The movie then follows an international cat and mouse chase as the bad guy fends off the good guys by deceiving authorities with his use of aliases and his charm.

The second half of the movie involves a courtroom drama. Alex's extradition to the US is opposed by his lawyers, who are represented by a formidable and seasoned barrister. The US prosecutors battle it out, leaving no stone unturned to bring Alex back to face the charges. The movie focuses on the trial, with a courtroom battle that involves an intense cross-examination of witnesses, dramatic and touching witness testimonies, and nail-biting revelations. With each turn of events, the audience sees how much the life of the rape survivor is affected, how much her family is tormented and how much amends the defendant is willing to make to avoid accountability.

As each side presents their arguments, the audience is gripped with a sense of despair and hopelessness towards the final outcome. The jury has to decide if Alex is guilty or not. The movie ends with a decision that changes everyone's lives.

Overall, Crime in Connecticut: The Story of Alex Kelly is a well-crafted film that explores the impact of sexual assault on individual victims and society. It delves deep into themes of consent, privilege, and the American justice system. The movie tells a deeply human story of the lives of two teens who come face to face in a terrible incident but portrays it with a sense of realism that does not shy away from harsh realities. It is an engaging drama that doesn't take sides despite it being based on a true crime story that took place in an affluent US suburb in the 1980s.

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