Cruel But Necessary

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After Betty Munson learns about her husband’s infidelity through a video tape, her life crumbles. She is now divorced and raising her teenage son on her own. In an attempt to make sense of her life and in order to uncover other secrets, she decides to video tape her life and that of her family and friends. The camera serves as a surveillance camera, a way to eavesdrop on conversations and also a place for her to confess all her life worries and frustrations. The drama in Munson’s life is seen from the camera’s point of view.

2005 | 1 hr 32 min | 7.4/10
Wendel Meldrum, Mark Humphrey, Luke Humphrey, Kate Albrecht
Saul Rubinek
Produced By
Elinor Reid
Cruel But Necessary
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Also directed by Saul Rubinek