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"Here's to men... of all shapes and sizes."
  • R
  • 2001
  • 1 hr 52 min
  • 5.7  (3,933)
  • 37

Crush is a 2001 British romantic comedy-drama film that delves into the complexities of relationships and the struggles of midlife crisis. Written and directed by John McKay, the film features an ensemble cast of Andie MacDowell, Imelda Staunton, Anna Chancellor, and Kenny Doughty. The storyline of Crush revolves around three middle-aged women, Kate (MacDowell), Molly (Staunton), and Janine (Chancellor) who attend the 20th anniversary of their old school in Yorkshire. They reconnect with their old headmistress, Miss Jean Brodie (Billie Whitelaw), and rekindle their friendship. The story takes an interesting twist when a young man, Jed (Doughty), enters their lives, and each of them falls for him.

Kate is a successful headmistress in London who is searching for love after her husband's death. She is timid and closed off, struggling to get past her grief and become happy again. Molly, a divorced doctor, is pessimistic and cynical about love. She fears rejection and is afraid to take risks in her romantic life. Janine is an independent restaurant owner and the most confident of the group. She is used to being in control, but love has been elusive to her.

Jed is an artist in his 20s who stumbles upon their lives while taking a break from his work. He is carefree, passionate, and charming, which quickly draws the attention of the three women, who start competing for his affection.

As the story develops, we get to see the different sides of the characters and the dynamics of their relationships. Kate realizes that it's time for her to take risks and opens up to Jed, who is attracted to her because she is mature and self-assured. Molly is forced to confront her fears of rejection when Jed shows interest in pursuing a relationship with her. Janine, who is used to being in control, finds herself out of her element, struggling to deal with her irrational jealousy and insecurities.

The acting performances in Crush are excellent across the board. Andie MacDowell brings depth to her character, portraying a woman who is unable to move on from her past and is searching for a reason to live again. Imelda Staunton shines as Molly, the cynical and sarcastic one of the group, who we root for to find love. Anna Chancellor is strong in her role as Janine, who is competitive, loud, and fun to be around. Kenny Doughty delivers a captivating performance as Jed, the younger and more youthful male love interest of the three women.

The film's cinematography is noteworthy, capturing the picturesque scenery of Yorkshire, where the story is set. It gives us a glimpse of the beauty of the countryside and how it influences the lives of the characters.

Overall, Crush is a movie that showcases the different kinds of love and relationships that people encounter as they grow older. It's a film about self-discovery, overcoming fear, and finding love in unexpected places. The movie is heartfelt, well-written, and well-acted, making it a great choice for fans of romantic comedies or drama films.

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    5.7  (3,933)
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