Dark Floors

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"The Fear is Here."
  • R
  • 2008
  • 1 hr 25 min
  • 4.4  (7,038)

Dark Floors is a supernatural horror movie released in 2008. The story revolves around a group of individuals who are trapped inside an elevator, which takes them to a mysterious, dark floor of the hospital. The group comprises Ben (Noah Huntley), his autistic daughter Sarah (Skye Bennett), Jon (Ronald Pickup), Emily (Leonor Watling), Matt (Philip Bretherton), and Tobias (Leon Herbert) and their respective families. All of them have been visiting the hospital for various reasons, but soon they find themselves in a nightmare world that they cannot escape from.

The elevator doors open, and the group finds itself in a dark and deserted hospital. The lights flicker, and strange noises fill the air. The floors and walls seem to be alive and pulsating, adding to the already eerie atmosphere. The group soon realizes that they are not alone and that something malevolent is stalking them. They are pursued by a group of monsters, including a vicious Minotaur that terrorizes them at every turn.

As they make their way through the hospital, they encounter a young girl (Emma Cleasby) who seems to hold the key to their escape. However, the group is divided as they struggle to determine what is real and what is a hallucination. They face their worst fears, and their inner demons come to the surface as they fight to stay alive and avoid being consumed by the darkness that surrounds them.

Throughout the movie, the audience is kept on edge with both subtle and explicit creepiness. The plot twists and turns in unexpected ways, and viewers never really know what is going to happen next. The use of sound and music are outstanding, making the audience feel as if they are in the movie themselves. They are constantly kept guessing, with plenty of suspense that builds until the very end.

The performances of the actors in Dark Floors are top-notch. Noah Huntley plays the role of the tortured father very convincingly, while Skye Bennett is amazing as the autistic daughter. Leon Herbert, Ronald Pickup, and Leonor Watling all bring depth and gravitas to their characters. William Hope as the elevator technician adds a much-needed dose of humor in the midst of all the horror. The young Emma Cleasby steals the show with her haunting performance as the mysterious girl.

Director Petri Kotwica deserves credit for creating a movie that manages to be both scary and thought-provoking. The film raises many questions about life and death, good and evil. The viewer is left wondering what the true nature of the hospital and the monsters that inhabit it truly is.

Overall, Dark Floors is a must-see for lovers of horror movies. It is not for the faint of heart, as it is truly a terrifying experience that will leave audiences on edge. But for those who can handle it, they will find a well-crafted horror movie that is both thrilling and original. With its intelligent story, great acting, and exceptional direction, Dark Floors is a true masterpiece of the horror genre.

Dark Floors
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    1 hr 25 min
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    4.4  (7,038)