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"The Film that shocked the readers of Playboy"
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  • 1969
  • 1 hr 53 min
  • 5.1  (1,997)

De Sade from 1969 is a historical drama film that revolves around the life of the famous French writer and philosopher, Marquis de Sade. The movie is set in the late 18th century, depicting the period of French history that lead to the French Revolution. Klaus Kinski plays the role of Marquis de Sade, a wealthy aristocrat who enjoys the pleasures of the flesh, especially those of a sadistic nature.

Despite his position in society, de Sade's deviant behavior leads to his imprisonment in the infamous Bastille prison. While there, he begins to write his most famous novel, Justine, which he hopes will bring him fame and fortune. But as he continues to indulge in his perverse pleasures, he becomes more and more isolated from those around him.

The film explores the relationship between de Sade and three women who are central figures in his life. The first is his wife, Renee Pelagie (Maria Rohm), who is fiercely loyal to him, despite her disapproval of his behavior. Second is his mistress, Mademoiselle de Montreuil (Sylvia Kosina), who enjoys a sado-masochistic relationship with de Sade. Finally, there is Madeleine (Romina Power), a naive and innocent young woman who is kidnapped by de Sade and introduced to a world of debauchery.

Throughout the film, de Sade's decadent lifestyle is contrasted with the political and social upheaval that is sweeping France. The movie reveals the tension and unrest that is rising amongst the working class and the proletariat, who are eager for revolution. De Sade's own imprisonment becomes symbolic of the oppression that is felt by the masses, as they struggle to overthrow the aristocracy and establish a new order.

The film is known for its portrayal of extreme sexual and violent behavior, as well as its exploration of the relationship between power and desire. De Sade is depicted as a man who is driven by his carnal desires, and believes that people should be free to indulge in their passions without fear of punishment. But as the movie progresses, it becomes clear that de Sade's behavior is a symptom of a wider issue, as people across France become increasingly disillusioned with the ruling class and demand change.

The performances in the film are impressive, particularly Klaus Kinski who delivers a powerful and convincing portrayal of the Marquis de Sade. His performance captures the character's charismatic and manipulative nature, as well as his vulnerability and insecurity. Maria Rohm also impresses as de Sade's wife, Renee Pelagie, who is torn between her love for her husband and her disgust at his behavior. Romina Power's character, Madeleine, serves as a symbol of innocence and purity, a stark contrast to the depravity that surrounds her.

Overall, De Sade from 1969 is a thought-provoking and controversial film that explores complex themes of power, desire, and oppression. It offers a glimpse into one of the most fascinating and notorious figures in French history, and does so with style and sophistication. While it is not for the faint of heart, it is a film that is worth watching for those interested in exploring the darker side of humanity.

De Sade is a 1969 drama with a runtime of 1 hour and 53 minutes. It has received moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.1.

De Sade
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