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"Meet Max 404. He's a little over five years old. He just met his first woman. It's time to get down to Earth."
  • PG
  • 1982
  • 1 hr 20 min
  • 5.8  (2,554)

Android is a science-fiction drama film from 1982 that follows the story of Max 404, a scientist who has been living with his android creation, Cassandra, for several years in a remote space station. The world in which the story takes place is one where androids have been developed to such a level that they can look and behave like humans.

The movie begins with Max 404 (played by Klaus Kinski) and his assistant, Doctor Daniel (played by Don Keith Opper) on the verge of running out of food supplies. They are completely isolated from the rest of the world, and their only companion is Cassie (played by Brie Howard), an android that Max created to help them with their scientific work. However, Cassie has also become a close companion to Max, who has developed an emotional attachment to the machine.

As the food supplies start to run out, Max comes up with a plan to return to Earth to get more supplies. However, the ship that they were intending to use for the journey is damaged, and Max and his crew must find a way to fix it. They eventually discover an old android factory that has been abandoned, and Max thinks he may be able to find the parts he needs to fix the ship. However, his plans are complicated by the arrival of two escaped convicts who have landed on the space station.

The convicts, played by Norbert Weisser and Crofton Hardester, are in search of a ship that they can use to escape from the planet. They initially see Max and Cassie as potential threats, but they soon realize that Cassie is an android and is not human. They believe that this may hold the key to their escape, as they could use Cassie as a bargaining chip to negotiate with other humans.

As the situation on the space station becomes increasingly tense, Max begins to understand that Cassie's presence is not just a scientific curiosity, but also a source of human connection. He must fight to protect her and the other humans on the station from the convicts, who become increasingly dangerous as they become more desperate.

Overall, Android is a well-paced science-fiction drama, with strong performances from its lead actors. Klaus Kinski, in particular, brings an intensity to his portrayal of Max 404 that adds an extra layer of depth to the character. The film's premise is an interesting exploration of the relationship between humans and androids, and it raises questions about what it means to be human.

One of the themes that the movie explores is the idea of emotional attachment to machines, which was relatively novel at the time that the film was made. The character of Max represents the idea that it is possible for humans to develop an emotional attachment to machines and to see them as more than just tools. At the same time, the convicts in the film represent the opposite viewpoint, in which androids are seen as nothing more than machines to be exploited.

The movie is also notable for its use of practical effects and its imaginative design of the androids. The androids in Android are designed to look and act like humans, but the movie makes it clear that they are not human. The costumes and makeup used to create the androids are impressive, and they help to add to the sense of immersion in the film.

In conclusion, Android is an interesting and thought-provoking science-fiction movie that explores the relationship between humans and machines. Its themes and ideas are still relevant today, and the movie is worth watching for anyone interested in science-fiction or artificial intelligence. The pacing is solid, the performances are strong, and the design of the androids is a highlight.

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    5.8  (2,554)