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"It's like a bad horror movie, only worse."
  • R
  • 2004
  • 1 hr 28 min
  • 5.7  (6,084)
  • 34

Dead and Breakfast is a 2004 horror-comedy film that follows six friends on a road trip from Texas to a friend's wedding in California. Along the way, they decide to make a pit stop at a bed and breakfast in the small town of Lovelock. But their peaceful night's rest turns into a nightmare when they awake to find the town overrun by the undead.

The movie begins with an animated title sequence that sets the tone for the film. It's a mix of horror and comedy, with a colorful and playful animation that hints at a lightheartedness to come. From there, we're introduced to the six friends: the couple David (Erik Palladino) and Sara (Gina Philips), the wild and crazy Johnny (Jeremy Sisto), his sister Melody (Jenny Wade), the uptight Christian couple Kelly (Ever Carradine) and Joseph (Brent David Fraser), and their goofy friend and driver, the aptly named, Captain Corman (Oz Perkins).

The group arrives in Lovelock and has an immediate run-in with the town's eccentric sheriff, who warns them to stay away from the bed and breakfast. But they ignore his warning and instead, they check into the Sleepytime Inn, owned by the kooky Mrs. Wise (Miranda Bailey).

That night, while the friends are having dinner, a stranger (David Carradine) bursts into the inn and dies on the floor. When they try to leave the town the next morning, they find that the roads are blocked and they're trapped in Lovelock with the undead.

What follows is a chaotic and humorous series of events as the group tries to survive and escape the town. Along the way, they encounter a zombie hillbilly family, a zombified singing sheriff, and a crazy preacher who blames the town's predicament on the devil.

One of the strengths of Dead and Breakfast is the way it balances horror and comedy. The film has its share of scares, but it never takes itself too seriously. There are moments of gore and terror, but they're frequently undercut by humor, resulting in a film that's simultaneously campy and thrilling.

The characters are another strong point of the movie. While they're initially presented as stereotypes - the jock, the wild child, the uptight couple - they're given enough depth and personality to make them feel like real people. The actors all deliver strong performances, particularly Jeremy Sisto, who steals the show as Johnny.

The movie also benefits from its setting. Lovelock is a small town that feels like it's been frozen in time. The Sleepytime Inn is a classic bed and breakfast, complete with creaky floorboards and a classic Victorian design. The town's retro vibe gives the film a timeless quality.

The film's pacing is also well-done. It moves from one set piece to the next, occasionally slowing down to develop the characters or build suspense. The climax is particularly well-executed, managing to be both tense and hilarious.

Overall, Dead and Breakfast is an entertaining and well-crafted horror-comedy. It's a movie that strikes the perfect balance between humor and horror, and its mix of scares and laughs make for an enjoyable viewing experience. Anyone looking for a fun, campy horror movie should give Dead and Breakfast a try.

Dead and Breakfast
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