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When a single father decides that New York City is too much for his sixteen-year-old daughter, they move to the suburbs and get much more than they bargained for. ABC's new hit comedy, Suburgatory, chronicles the life and antics of this witty and charming father and daughter team as they encounter the eccentric residents of the fictional town of Chatswin. Jeremy Sisto and Jane Levy play the characters of George and Tessa Altman who meet numerous quirky suburban characters headed by actors Allie Grant (Tessa's best friend), Charley Chaikin (Tessa's rival), Rex Lee (the school guidance counselor), Alan Tudyk (George's best friend), Cheryl Hines, and SNL alumna Ana Gasteyer. During the first season, the series also picked up Alicia Silverstone as a recurring role and love interest for Jeremy Sisto. Past episodes have included scenes at barbecues, games of croquet, country clubs, trips to Atlantic City, tree trimming parties, exorcisms, PTA meetings, and other crazy high jinks of affluent Northern American suburbia. The characters of George and Tessa's relationship, throughout these adventures, remains central to the plot and provides an honest connection and jumping-off point for the episodes' varied and diverse plots.

Suburgatory is named after a book by former CNN Senior Producer Linda Keenan entitled Suburgatory: Twisted Tales from Darkest Suburbia that touches on her own experiences in moving from New York City to the opulent suburb of Westchester County. While the town in the show is fictional, episodes detailing the area code and zip codes put the "fictional" location of the show right about where Ms. Keenan's book takes place. The series airs on ABC and is produced by Warner Brothers Television and has been met with positive reviews and critical acclaim.

Suburgatory is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (57 episodes). The series first aired on September 28, 2011.

Where do I stream Suburgatory online? Suburgatory is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Suburgatory on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play online.

3 Seasons, 57 Episodes
September 28, 2011
Cast: Jeremy Sisto
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Suburgatory Full Episode Guide

  • In the season finale, Tessa joins a knitting circle and George is unsure of the age gap between Tessa and her new friends. Still reeling from his one-night stand, George decides to write a song dedicated to his muse.

  • Tessa is on a tight budget to plan Lisa and Malik's wedding.

  • After Dalia fails to get into the college she hoped for, Dallas tries to help her find her calling, but Dalia decides to find a sugar daddy instead.

  • Tessa decides to mentor a young social outcast for the Miss Chatswin pageant.

  • Tessa accompanies Dallas to the South when Dallas's mom passes away. During the trip, Dallas confronts her rivalry with her sister and her unresolved feelings with her mother.

  • When Lisa decides to propose to Malik, Tessa struggles to know how to support her friend, so she seeks advice from George. After Lisa's proposal goes awry, Tessa is motivated to fight for Ryan.

  • When Tessa drags Malik and Lisa to a college party, she encounters a male version of herself, and thinks it's a match made in heaven. Meanwhile, Dallas hires a matchmaker to set her and Dalia up.

  • George puts Noah's new calm demeanor to the test after he completes an anger management program.

  • Tessa intervenes when George lets himself go after his break-up with Dallas.

  • Sheila and Fred surprise Lisa when they take in a foster kid named Victor who they believe to be a mini-Ryan. Envious of the new Ryan, Lisa decides to complicate the situation.

  • After Alex vanishes, George tries to reconnect with Tessa and he introduces her to his new dog. When Sheila Shay discovers there's a dog on the loose in Chatswin, she is determined to find the canine fiend and it's up to Tessa and George to protect him.

  • In the second part of the season finale, Sheila convinces Mr. Wolfe to hold a Chastity Ball at the high school, assuming that Lisa will be crowned queen of the ball.

  • In the first part of the second season finale, Dallas tries to help George break the news to Tessa that he's sold the house and they're moving in with her.

  • Ryan begs Tessa to help him decide which college to attend, but Tessa attempts to remain neutral. George asks Dallas to move in with him in the most unromantic way.

  • When George agrees to participate in the "Dads of Chatswin" calendar, he becomes so preoccupied with his body image he neglects Dallas. Meanwhile Dalia buddies up to Tessa, and Lisa discovers her true motives.

  • George offers relief to Noah after his divorce; Dallas realizes Dalia has a hoarding problem; Fred asks Tessa to help him land his dream job.

  • Dallas starts binging with Jill when she starts comparing herself to Tessa's mom.

  • Dalia helps Mr. Wolfe cope with his breakup with Chef Alan; George and Dallas are caught in the crossfire when Noah becomes convinced that Carmen is his soul mate.

  • George mourns Marty's death, and must figure out what to do with his ashes. Meanwhile, Tessa learns that Ryan has been lying to her, and she has to examine the future of their relationship, as well as her plans for college.

  • Tessa offers relationship advice to people, even if they aren't seeking it. George and Dallas coach a T-ball team.

  • Tessa persuades Ryan to attend an art house movie with her on Valentine's Day; Sheila's mother, Gam Gam creates drama between Fred and Sheila; Dallas has a bad reaction to a cosmetic procedure.

  • When Dallas discovers part of her property is in East Chatswin, she is dismissed from the country club, and Dalia is forced to switch schools. Tessa becomes a producer on the Chatswin High TV show.

  • When Yakult feels depressed, Dallas seeks Yoni's help; the Shays ask Tessa to help Lisa with the dating situation.

  • George feels suffocated by Dallas's efforts to promote his business; Tessa experiences what life is like as a football player's girlfriend.

  • When Tessa has her wisdom teeth removed, George is torn between helping her and managing their hysterical neighbor, Fred Shay, who has taken up residence in their basement.

  • Dalia and Tess are rewarded for their PSAT test results and settle an argument with a dance off. Mr. Wolfe becomes Noah and Jill's baby's tutor.

  • George surprises Tessa with a trip to New York to see her mom, but Tessa discovers that she misses Chatswin and her father. Ryan Shay finds out he's adopted.

  • Dallas gives George a makeover. While Malik is out of town, Lisa spends all her time with Tessa and they bond over fish.

  • Tessa's Thanksgiving is spent with her mom and grandmother. George is put in charge of Thanksgiving dinner after Chef Alan is fired by Dallas.

  • Dallas takes a less subtle approach to show George what he's missing. Dalia decides to spend time with her father's fiancee.

  • When Lisa helps Ryan get Tessa's attention, her generosity leads him to believe he's dying of "Ryandisease". George and Dallas' first date doesn't go as expected.

  • After Tessa convinces Dalia and her friends to wear feminist-inspired Halloween costumes, the town witch takes an interest in her; Noah and George dress as each other.

  • The second season opens with Tessa's return to Chatswin after spending the summer with her grandmother. While Tessa prepares for school, George is annoyed with Tessa's renewed interest in her mother, who has been absent.

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Tonight's Fall Premieres: 'Suburgatory' and 'Happy Endings' [Wednesday 9/28]

Tonight's big premieres are all over on ABC. Emmy Award-winning comedy "Modern Family" (which premiered last week) gets sandwiched tonight between the premiere of one new comedy, "Suburgatory," and the return of "Happy Endings."

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