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  • TV-PG
  • 2011
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.2  (32,803)

Suburgatory is a comedic television show that aired on ABC from 2011 to 2014. The show follows the story of a teenager, Tessa Altman, played by Jane Levy, who moves from New York City to the suburbs with her dad, George Altman, played by Jeremy Sisto, after he finds a box of condoms in her room. The show is about Tessa's struggles to adjust to living in an entirely different environment, and it highlights the absurdities of suburban life.

The show begins with Tessa's arrival in the suburbs, which she describes as a "zombie-infested wasteland." Tessa is immediately thrown into the world of the suburbs, where everyone is obsessed with appearances, and her dad buys her a bright red Range Rover to fit in. Tessa quickly realizes that the people in the suburbs are not like her, and she struggles to fit in. She is often seen as an outsider, and much of the show is about her navigating the social landscape of the suburbs.

One of the main characters in the show is Dalia Royce, played by Carly Chaikin, who is Tessa's neighbor and nemesis. Dalia is the queen bee of the suburbs, and she is rude, self-absorbed, and entitled. She and Tessa have many confrontations throughout the show, and their rivalry is one of the show's main plotlines.

The show also focuses on the relationship between George and Tessa. George is a single dad who is trying his best to raise his daughter, and Tessa is a teenager who is trying to assert her independence. The two have a strained relationship at times, but they ultimately love and support each other.

Suburgatory's humor is often derived from the characters' exaggerated reactions to everyday situations. The show pokes fun at the absurdity of the suburbs, and it often uses exaggerated stereotypes to do so. For example, Tessa's guidance counselor is a stereotypical hippie who is obsessed with organic food and spiritual healing.

The show also features a talented supporting cast, including Alan Tudyk, who plays George's friend and neighbor, Noah Werner. Noah is a gynecologist who is often seen giving Tessa and George advice on their personal lives. Cheryl Hines plays Dallas Royce, Dalia’s mother, who is obsessed with self-improvement and keeping up appearances.

One of the unique features of Suburgatory is its visual style. The show has a colorful, vibrant look that is meant to contrast with the monotony and conformity of the suburbs. The show's production design is particularly noteworthy, with houses that are impossibly neat and tidy and lawns that look like they have been carefully manicured.

Overall, Suburgatory is a funny and entertaining show that satirizes the suburban lifestyle. It's a show that will appeal to anyone who has ever felt like an outsider, and it's full of witty one-liners and zany characters. Despite its comedic tone, the show also has moments of emotional depth, particularly in its portrayal of the relationship between George and Tessa. If you're looking for a show that will make you laugh and think, Suburgatory is definitely worth checking out.

Suburgatory is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (57 episodes). The series first aired on September 28, 2011.

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Stiiiiiiill Horny
13. Stiiiiiiill Horny
May 14, 2014
In the season finale, Tessa joins a knitting circle and George is unsure of the age gap between Tessa and her new friends. Still reeling from his one-night stand, George decides to write a song dedicated to his muse.
Les Lucioles
12. Les Lucioles
May 7, 2014
Tessa is on a tight budget to plan Lisa and Malik's wedding.
Dalia Nicole Smith
11. Dalia Nicole Smith
April 30, 2014
After Dalia fails to get into the college she hoped for, Dallas tries to help her find her calling, but Dalia decides to find a sugar daddy instead.
No, You Can't Sit with Us
10. No, You Can't Sit with Us
April 23, 2014
Tessa decides to mentor a young social outcast for the Miss Chatswin pageant.
The Ballad of Piggy Duckworth
9. The Ballad of Piggy Duckworth
April 2, 2014
Tessa accompanies Dallas to the South when Dallas's mom passes away. During the trip, Dallas confronts her rivalry with her sister and her unresolved feelings with her mother.
Catch and Release
8. Catch and Release
March 26, 2014
When Lisa decides to propose to Malik, Tessa struggles to know how to support her friend, so she seeks advice from George. After Lisa's proposal goes awry, Tessa is motivated to fight for Ryan.
I'm Just Not That Into Me
7. I'm Just Not That Into Me
March 12, 2014
When Tessa drags Malik and Lisa to a college party, she encounters a male version of herself, and thinks it's a match made in heaven. Meanwhile, Dallas hires a matchmaker to set her and Dalia up.
About a Boy-Yoi-Yoing
6. About a Boy-Yoi-Yoing
March 5, 2014
George is reminded by Tessa that he must not get caught up in Chatwswin culture so he heads to New York with Fred on a whim. Tessa ends up going to Evan's birthday party and telling him what she really thinks.
Blame it on the Rainstick
5. Blame it on the Rainstick
February 26, 2014
George puts Noah's new calm demeanor to the test after he completes an anger management program.
The Birds and the Biederman
4. The Birds and the Biederman
February 5, 2014
When Dallas and George run into each other at the dog park, they decide to divide up Chatswin to avoid further awkward encounters. Tessa notices Lisa is spending a lot of time with Ryan's girlfriend, June, and Fred is worried that Sheila is distancing herself.
Open Door Policy
3. Open Door Policy
January 29, 2014
Tessa intervenes when George lets himself go after his break-up with Dallas.
Victor Ha
2. Victor Ha
January 22, 2014
Sheila and Fred surprise Lisa when they take in a foster kid named Victor who they believe to be a mini-Ryan. Envious of the new Ryan, Lisa decides to complicate the situation.
No Me Gusta, Mami
1. No Me Gusta, Mami
January 15, 2014
After Alex vanishes, George tries to reconnect with Tessa and he introduces her to his new dog. When Sheila Shay discovers there's a dog on the loose in Chatswin, she is determined to find the canine fiend and it's up to Tessa and George to protect him.
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Suburgatory is available for streaming on the ABC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Suburgatory on demand at Amazon, Vudu and Google Play.
  • Premiere Date
    September 28, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (32,803)