Deadly Outbreak

"The fear is spreading"
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Lethal warfare has gone viral in this action thriller. When a group of terrorists led by a demented and disenfranchised ex-army colonel named Baron take over a biological weapons laboratory in search of a sample of the deadliest viral weapon ever created in order to use it to blackmail the world powers into paying them billions to prevent a global outbreak, state department agent Dutton Hatfield is the only man who can stop them because he is the only man inside the laboratory, by sheer coincidence, that is still alive and has the skills and the guts to do what has to be done to save the world.

| 1996 | | 3.8/10
Jeff Speakman, Ron Silver, Rochelle Swanson, Jack Adalist
Rick Avery
Deadly Outbreak
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Also directed by Rick Avery