Dear Lemon Lima

A 13 year old girl named Vanessa Lemor is recently dumped by her true love Philip Georgey. Vanessa spends the summer in Fairbanks, Alaska where she works at an ice cream shack. During this time she obsesses about the heartbreaking circumstance of losing her true love. Over time she attempts to put the memory behind her but is unable to. Eventually she looks to win back Philip by going to Nichols Academy in which the Georgey family has a very prestigious reputation. Vanessa gets a scholarship and is able to attend the school. However things get worse for Vanessa as Philip has risen to popular status due to learning French abroad. Vanessa is therefore stuck at the bottom of the school social hierarchy. Among her socially unpopular brethren are Hercules who is a socially inept boy and also Samantha who claims that her father is a rapper, and Nothing who is the son of a funeral parlor owner.

| 2011 | 1 hr 27 min | 6.5/10
Suzi Yoonessi
Dear Lemon Lima

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