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"They created a monster over lunch. Now it's back for dinner..."
  • R
  • 1988
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 4.5  (1,043)

Deep Space is a thrilling science fiction film from 1988 that takes viewers on a captivating journey across the cosmos. Directed by Fred Olen Ray, the movie stars Charles Napier, Ann Turkel, and Bo Svenson in prominent roles. Set in the distant future, this space adventure promises to engage audiences with a mix of hair-raising action and thought-provoking themes.

The story of Deep Space unfolds in a time when interstellar travel has become a reality. The film introduces us to Captain Mike Hamilton, portrayed by Charles Napier, a seasoned astronaut leading a mission to explore a distant planet. Accompanying him are a group of scientists, including Dr. Andrea Van der Thal, played by Ann Turkel. As their spaceship embarks on this groundbreaking journey, little do they know that they are about to encounter a series of unforeseen challenges that will test their courage and survival skills.

Upon arriving at their destination, the crew discovers a mysterious alien artifact on the planet's surface. Intrigued by its origins and potential implications, they decide to bring it aboard their ship for further examination. However, their innocent decision sets off a chain of inexplicable events that unravel the crew's determination and jeopardize their lives.

As the artifact activates, strange phenomena and unexplained incidents begin to plague the spaceship. The crew members find themselves caught in a perilous situation, grappling with both external threats and internal conflicts. It becomes increasingly difficult to discern reality from illusion as the lines between the two blur in the vastness of deep space.

Deep Space keeps its viewers on the edge of their seats with a skillful blend of suspense and action. Director Fred Olen Ray masterfully creates an atmosphere of tension and uncertainty, as the crew desperately tries to understand and overcome the sinister force that has infiltrated their ship. Every corner of the spacecraft becomes a potential danger, and trust becomes a rare and precious commodity.

The performances of the leading actors contribute significantly to the movie's appeal. Charles Napier brings Captain Hamilton to life with a commanding presence and a combination of expertise and vulnerability. Ann Turkel's portrayal of Dr. Van der Thal adds depth to the character, showcasing her intelligence and determination in the face of an ever-escalating crisis. Bo Svenson delivers a powerful performance as the enigmatic Dr. Cloch, a presence shrouded in secrecy, raising questions about his true intentions throughout the film.

Visually, Deep Space impresses with a combination of practical effects and imaginative set designs. The spaceship's interiors reflect a futuristic aesthetic, while the alien artifact and its effects are rendered with skillful artistry, immersing the audience in an otherworldly experience. The cinematography captures both the vastness and claustrophobia of space, enhancing the tension and the eerie ambiance that permeates the film.

Beyond its thrilling narrative and technical prowess, Deep Space explores thought-provoking themes, including the complexity of human nature and the consequences of meddling with forces beyond our understanding. As the film delves deeper into the character dynamics and their psychological struggles, it prompts viewers to reflect on the depths of their own psyche and how they would face similar challenges.

Overall, Deep Space transcends the limitations of its budget, delivering an engaging and thrilling science fiction experience. With its captivating storyline, skillful performances, and visually striking visuals, the movie remains a noteworthy addition to the genre, offering audiences an unforgettable journey through the uncharted depths of space.

Deep Space
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