Deep Space

"They created a monster over lunch. Now it's back for dinner..."
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Deep Space is a sci-fi horror movie. It is the story of what happens when a biological weapon crashes to Earth. Set in deep space for safety is an America satellite. This space vehicle is used for biological experiments. It suddenly gets out of control and crashes to the Earth in the U. S. Once this happens the vehicle opens and a monster crawls out. This monster is hungry and will kill and eat whatever crosses its path.

Experiments in space are a good idea until they come home to roost. Someone must now save the day and capture or kill the monster.

| 1988 | 1 hr 30 min | 4.5/10
Charles Napier, Ann Turkel, Bo Svenson, Ron Glass
Fred Olen Ray
Produced By
Fred Olen Ray, Alan Amiel, Herb Linsey, Yoram Pelman
Deep Space
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Also starring Charles Napier