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Diary of A Wimpy Kid is the story of a young boy's first year of Junior High. The young boy is Greg Heffley, the second shortest kid in class. Everybody else seems to be growing, except Greg. One scene hilariously shows how the kids looked before and how they look now,. The boys were relatively shorter than the girls, although they sprout mustaches. At middle school, of course, the boys are all interested in girls. All accept Greg, who still wants to just play, whereas the other boys are interested in a different kind of play.

Angie is the one girl who takes a liking to Greg and his out-of-it friend, Rowley. Angie is very popular and the boys are a little in over their heads. Every male can remember that girl who caught their eye during their adolescence, and how he felt about her. They may remember all the things she did to make him melt. ' Wimpy Kid' has it all.

There is a plot in the film that has a slice of Swiss cheese that has been molding on the playground for quite some time. The joke is that when one child touches the moldy cheese they become plagued with the moldy cheese syndrome. Kids always want an excuse to poke fun at others.

The film is based on the book series written by Jeff Kinney, Diary of A Wimpy Kid is a funny, light and entertaining coming-of-age story that everyone will relate to. Everyone has either been the wimpy kid that felt horrible about him or herself and just about everything. Some have been the kid that felt like a wimpy nerd but still was clever enough to trick everyone into thinking they were the cool kid. Then of course there are also those that are the “know it all” kids or the cool ones.

The people who may be able to relate to the movie the most may be the wimpy kid, or those who once were the wimpy kid. Although this is a family film, anyone can watch whether they have children or not. Viewers may find themselves laughing at things reminiscent of their own childhood.

Moviegoers will root for the wimpy kid, hoping that they will triumph and become the cool kid, or at least come to terms with who they are and accept it. They may even cross their fingers in hopes that the bully gets what's coming to him by the end of the film.

| 2012 | | 6.3/10 | 54/100
Zachary Gordon, Steve Zahn, Robert Capron, Devon Bostick
David Bowers

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