Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone

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Kex Bradley, a 12 year old orphan, sets off to see the world. Looking for adventure, he stows away on a lifeboat aboard a ship. A storm delivers him to harmonious Dinotopia, where he makes instant friends with a triceratops named 26. 26 introduces him to Mara, a 12 year old girl. Harmony on Dinotopia is threatened when two bullies unearth the dangerous ruby sunstone and awaken evil Ogthar. Unknowingly, the three friends embark on an adventure to save their home from Ogthar.

| 2005 | 1 hr 15 min | 5.3/10
Alyssa Milano, Jamie Kennedy, Kathy Griffin, Wayne Knight
Davis Doi
Produced By
Steven Squillante, Robert Winthrop
Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone
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