Dog Lover's Symphony

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  • PG
  • 2006
  • 1 min
  • 3.2  (132)

Dog Lover’s Symphony is a dramatic film told from the perspective of a dog. The film is about Jerry, a young man who gets caught up in a gang. Jerry is arrested for his illegal activities and is ordered to be under the supervision of Tom, a kind parole officer. Tom thinks that Jerry has some good hiding in him so he decides that the best way for Jesse to rehabilitate himself is to train dogs. Tom’s daughter Susan is a dog trainer and she agrees to take on Jerry as her assistant. Initially, Jerry balks at the idea of training dogs but over time, Tom and Susan convince him to put in effort.

Jerry is put in charge of Toby, a lovable yellow Labrador. Jerry and Toby begin to form a close bond. Toby had been abandoned as a puppy, and Jerry sees a lot of himself in Toby. Jerry was abandoned by his parents when he was little. Jerry eventually begins to relax and become willing to open up to people. The responsibility of taking care of Toby gives Jerry better self esteem. Jerry does so well with training Toby that Toby graduates from Susan’s training school. Together, the two enjoy a special dog training ceremony.

Pretty soon, Jerry begins to fall in love with Susan. However it turns out that Susan is already engaged. John, Susan’s fiancé, is the exact opposite of everything that Jerry is. He is an uptight businessman. Unfortunately, John is believed to die and Susan is distraught. Jerry uses this as his opportunity to begin a relationship with Susan and soon the two are engaged to wed. At the end of the movie, Susan is preparing to marry Jerry when John magically appears, still alive.

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    1 min
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    3.2  (132)