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  • PG-13
  • 2008
  • 1 hr 30 min

Dragon Hunter is a 2009 fantasy adventure film directed by Stephen Shimek. The movie is centered on a young boy named Orphan, who goes on an epic quest to save his village from a group of vicious dragons that are terrorizing the countryside. The story is set in a medieval world, and the plot revolves around the classic feud between humans and dragons.

The movie begins with a prologue that tells the story of the dragons' origin. According to the legend, the dragons were created by dark magic and were once under the control of a powerful and evil sorcerer. However, the sorcerer lost control of them, and the dragons began to attack villages and towns, killing and destroying everything in their path.

Orphan is a young boy who lives in a small village located in the shadow of a mountain. One day, a group of dragons attack the village, killing many of the villagers and destroying most of the homes. Orphan is one of the few survivors, and he is forced to flee into the forest, where he meets a mysterious stranger named Lian-Chu.

Lian-Chu is a dragon hunter, and he has been sent by the emperor to capture and kill the dragons that are attacking the villages. He agrees to help Orphan, and together, they set off on a dangerous quest to find the dragons' lair and destroy them once and for all.

As they journey through the forest, Orphan and Lian-Chu encounter various obstacles and challenges, including a group of bandits, a pack of wolves, and even a giant spider. However, they are eventually able to reach the dragon's lair, where they must battle the dragons in a fierce and epic showdown.

The climax of the movie is an impressive battle scene, where Orphan and Lian-Chu face off against the dragons in a fight to the death. The fight is intense and action-packed, with the dragons breathing fire and causing massive destruction around them. However, with the help of some unexpected allies, Orphan and Lian-Chu are able to defeat the dragons and save their village from certain destruction.

Overall, Dragon Hunter is an enjoyable and exciting movie that is sure to please fans of fantasy adventure films. The story is engaging and well-written, with plenty of action and adventure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The special effects are also impressive, with the dragons being portrayed as powerful and menacing beasts that are truly terrifying to behold.

The cast of the movie is also very good, with the actors bringing their characters to life with great skill and enthusiasm. Especially, the two leads, Orphan and Lian-Chu, are both sympathetic and likable, and their friendship is one of the movie's strengths. There are also some great supporting characters, including a band of rebels who aid Orphan and Lian-Chu on their quest, and a wise wizard who provides guidance and advice along the way.

In conclusion, Dragon Hunter is a fun and entertaining movie that is well worth watching for fans of fantasy adventure films. The story is engaging, the characters are likable, and the action is thrilling and exciting. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a great adventure movie with plenty of dragons, magic, and heroism.

Dragon Hunter is a 2008 fantasy movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Dragon Hunter
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