Driven By Loss

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  • 2019
  • 47 min

The 2019 drama thriller, Driven By Loss, follows the life of a young woman named Olivia (Tiffany Marie) who is struggling to cope with the traumatic loss of her parents. As she navigates the difficult journey of grief and recovery, Olivia finds herself increasingly drawn to dangerous behaviors and substances in an attempt to numb her pain.

Despite the support of her best friend Cassidy (Clint Palmer), and love interest Marco (Rafael Portillo), Olivia descends deeper into her self-destructive habits. As her behavior becomes more erratic and desperate, Olivia begins to push away the people who care about her most.

But as she hits rock bottom, Olivia is forced to confront her demons and face the reality of what she has lost. With the help of those around her, she begins to rebuild her life and find a way forward, learning to lean on the strength of those who love her as she struggles to come to terms with her grief.

Driven By Loss is a poignant and deeply emotional exploration of the journey of grief, trauma, and recovery. Filmed with an intimate, raw sensibility, the movie delves into the complexity of human emotion and the power of love and support to help us overcome even our darkest moments.

Tiffany Marie gives a powerhouse performance as Olivia, capturing the desperation and heartbreak of a young woman grappling with unthinkable loss. Her chemistry with Clint Palmer, who delivers a nuanced and moving performance as her steadfast friend Cassidy, is palpable and forms the emotional backbone of the film.

Rafael Portillo is also impressive in his role as Olivia's love interest Marco, offering a nuanced and authentic portrayal of a man trying to help someone he cares about deeply, despite the weight of her pain.

Director Sarah Green has crafted a powerful and deeply personal film that tackles some of the most difficult issues of our time, grappling with the complexities of grief and the struggle to find hope amidst devastating loss. Her deft touch in handling the material is evident throughout the film, as she guides the viewer through the emotional ups and downs of Olivia's journey with empathy and grace.

Overall, Driven By Loss is a must-see film for anyone who has experienced the pain of loss, or who has loved someone struggling with grief. It is a film that will move, inspire, and challenge viewers, leaving them with a deep sense of the power of love and the strength of the human spirit.

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    47 min