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Dulhan is the story about a benevolent, tenderhearted and simple minded girl named Radha who lives in a poor village situated at the banks of a river. She is a very extroverted, lucky and charming person as known by the villagers. Her caring and benign behavior turns out to be the real reason for her to be the center of attraction. Vijay an orphan who is a doctor, returns to the village to start a hospital and serve the sick. His childhood memories turns into a youthful romance with Radha and they get married.

Vijay and Radha a perfect combination of kindness, who always want to serve the society one or the other way, sacrifice their wedding night for saving a dying child. The night which was so glorious and delightful for the village turns out to be gloomy and acrimonious as Vijay dies. Radha couldn't stand the news of his groom's death and loses consciousness. She lives in a delusion and awaits for Vijay to come back someday.

After years of waiting, a look-alike enters the village. The look-alike who also happens to be a doctor, is married and even has a child back in the city. Villagers are shocked to see him, as they assume that Vijay's returned. The unusual behavior of villagers raises several questions in his mind, as he visits this village the first time in his life. Looking for answers, he comes to know about Radha and her heart- wrenching story. He decides to help Radha with her emotional breakdown and makes her believe the unbearable truth of her life.

With extremely good acting, drama and the songs which depicts the entire waiting of a newly wedded bride, Dulhan is a story for every generation who wants to enjoy the romantic bliss and long-held patience of a bride who waits and only waits for her love's return.

1975 | | 6.7/10
David Abraham, Agha, Nasir Hussain, Jamuna
C. V. Rajendran
Produced By
B Anandwali
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