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  • 1993
  • 7.1  (916)

El Patrullero is a Mexican drama film directed by Alex Cox released in 1991. The movie stars Roberto Sosa, Bruno Bichir, and Vanessa Bauche in leading roles. It tells the story of a young police cadet named Pedro Rojas who joins the police force with the aim of fighting crime and bringing peace to his hometown. The film is set in the desert region of Northern Mexico, where drug trafficking and violence are rampant. Pedro Rojas is a naive and optimistic young man who sees himself as the only hope for his community. He's eager to join the police force and help eradicate crime from the streets.

As he begins his new job as a policeman, Pedro Rojas meets three other officers: the tough veteran, Chief Rosales (Bruno Bichir), the seasoned, cynical Juan Ramirez (Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez), and the naive and innocent, Cruz (Vanessa Bauche). Together they form a special unit known as "El Patrullero" (the Patrolman).

The team's primary mission is to hunt down drug traffickers and smugglers who are responsible for the chaos and violence in their town. They soon find themselves in a tense situation when they discover that their intelligence is no longer reliable, the bad guys know what they're up to and have started targeting them.

At some point, Pedro starts to question the methods of his colleagues, who at times use excessive force against their suspects. He becomes disenchanted and disillusioned by the whole system, realizing that corruption and politics are everywhere, including among the very people he is supposed to trust.

As the story progresses, Pedro grows more and more skeptical of his job, realizing that he's been deceived by the very system he wanted to serve. He sees that the war on drugs is just an excuse for authorities to seize power and maintain their grip on the populace.

The film becomes more intense, shifting from an adrenaline-fueled action film to an introspective drama about the nature of power, corruption, and justice. In its final act, the film delivers an emotional punch as we see Pedro confronting the very people he once trusted and believed in, realizing he may have unwittingly given himself up to a corrupted system.

El Patrullero is a thrilling and gripping film that explores themes of corruption, violence, and power struggles. It's a powerful reminder of the fragility of justice and the corruption of power that exists in even the most well-meaning institutions. Finally, it's a portrayal of the corrupting effects of power with stunning visuals, an incredible score, and excellent performances by the cast, making it a must-watch for all film lovers.

El Patrullero
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