El Patrullero

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El Patrullero is a 1993 film which centers around Jose, who owns a automobile rental service in Mexico in the 1950's. The primary clientele are rich business men who are doing business in his town and want to impress their clients with fancy vehicles. Jose runs into misfortune however when his prize vehicle is not returned. Jose then tracks down the vehicle to a mansion in the hills above his city, where he discovers that it's thief is holding a russian roulette competition. Jose then competes to earn back his most valuable possession. The film is rated R.

Not Rated
| 1993 | | 7.2/10
Roberto Sosa, Bruno Bichir, Vanessa Bauche, Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez
Alex Cox
Produced By
Lorenzo O'Brien
El Patrullero
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