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  • 2018
  • 99 hr

Emmanuel is a thought-provoking drama film released in 2018. Directed by Daniel E. Falicki and starring Luke Ford, Michael Grocholsky, Samm Cluff, and Nic Darrigo, the movie revolves around a young man named Emmanuel who is struggling to find his way in the world. The film begins with Emmanuel, a troubled young man who has recently been released from prison. He meets up with his brother Victor, who provides him with a place to stay and encourages him to turn his life around. However, Emmanuel is haunted by his past and struggles to adjust to a life outside of prison.

As he tries to figure out his next steps, Emmanuel meets a group of activists who are fighting against police brutality and racism. He becomes drawn into their cause and starts to see the world in a new way. However, his involvement in the movement brings up old traumas and forces him to confront the demons of his past.

One of the most striking aspects of Emmanuel is its exploration of race and social justice. The film portrays the experiences of people of color in America and the systemic injustices they face on a daily basis. Through Emmanuel's journey, the movie sheds light on the struggles of marginalized communities and the importance of activism in bringing about change.

Another aspect that stands out is the film's cinematography. The movie is shot in a gritty and realistic style that emphasizes the raw emotions of the characters. The camera work is particularly effective during the scenes of protest and conflict, capturing the chaos and intensity of these moments.

The performances in Emmanuel are also noteworthy. Luke Ford delivers a powerful and nuanced portrayal of Emmanuel, capturing the character's internal struggles and emotional vulnerability. Michael Grocholsky, who plays Victor, brings a quiet strength and sensitivity to his role as Emmanuel's brother. The supporting cast, including Samm Cluff and Nic Darrigo, are also strong in their respective roles.

Overall, Emmanuel is a powerful and compelling film that tackles important social issues with sensitivity and depth. The movie is not afraid to confront uncomfortable truths and shines a light on the lived experiences of communities that are often overlooked. With its strong performances, stunning cinematography, and thought-provoking story, Emmanuel is a must-see film for anyone interested in social justice and activism.

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    99 hr