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  • 1953
  • 1 hr 23 min
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Father's Doing Fine is a 1952 British comedy-drama film, directed by Henry Cass and starring Heather Thatcher, Diane Hart, and Virginia McKenna. The movie is about a family, the Forrests, who have seen better days. The father, Edward 'Teddy' Forrest (played by Guy Middleton), is currently unemployed, and his wife Peggy (Thatcher) is the only breadwinner of the family.

The movie starts with Teddy coming back home after being fired from his job. Peggy is upset with the news as the family is already struggling to make ends meet. Their two daughters, Judy (Hart) and Susan (McKenna), are also worried about their future. Teddy is hoping to get another job soon, but Peggy is skeptical. She suggests that Teddy takes up some odd jobs to support the family until he finds a stable job.

As the movie progresses, Teddy starts taking up various odd jobs, but he is not very good at them. He tries his hand at being a dishwasher, a barman, and a gardener, but fails miserably at all of them. Peggy is becoming increasingly frustrated with Teddy's failures and his lack of contribution to their household expenses. However, Judy and Susan are more sympathetic towards their father and try to help him.

Judy, a young and beautiful girl, gets involved with an older man named Wally (played by Ronald Adam). Wally is a wealthy businessman who offers to help Teddy get a job. However, in exchange, he wants Judy to marry him. Peggy is furious with the proposal and forbids Judy from seeing Wally. However, Judy is determined to help her father and decides to go against her mother's wishes.

In the meantime, Susan meets a young doctor named Paul (played by Anthony Dawson) and falls in love with him. Paul offers to help Teddy as well but is more interested in winning Susan's affection. He starts spending more time with the Forrests, and Peggy starts to suspect that Susan is involved with him.

The climax of the movie revolves around Teddy's attempts to get a job and Judy's decision to marry Wally. Peggy and Judy have a major confrontation about Wally's proposal, and Susan and Paul's relationship is also revealed.

Overall, Father's Doing Fine is a heartwarming movie about a family's struggles to make ends meet. The movie is very relatable, even today, as many families still face financial difficulties. The movie is directed and acted very well, and the performances by Heather Thatcher, Diane Hart and Virginia McKenna are excellent. The movie has some funny moments but is also emotional and touching. It is definitely worth watching for anyone who enjoys classic British films.

Father's Doing Fine
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