Fathers & Sons

"A serial killer. A prophet of death. And one family caught between them."
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Fathers and Sons is a U.S. crime drama movie that was written and directed by Paul Mones. Featuring Jeff Goldblum, the film also includes Rosanna Arquette, Rory Cochrane, Famke Janssen and Natasha Gregson Wagner. Max Fish (played by Jeff Goldblum) is a widower who has difficulty communicating with his son Ed (played by Rory Cochrane), who has developed an obsession for dead dolphins.

Max is director who had left his successful career in order to please the wife who later died. As a result, he is decidedly depressed and spends most of his time playing piano around the house. He prepares meals for Ed, concerned over miniscule details such as how much garlic to put in the pasta sauce.

Ed, however, is very anxious to pry himself loose from his obsessive father. Max is oblivious, insisting on attempting to bond with his distant son. He hovers over his son and broods about the past, clearly suffering from the death of his wife and what his life has become.

As a result of his father’s suffocating behavior, Ed befriends a bad group of kids and begins using a street drug hallucinogen called chew, which resembles chewing gum.

Max runs a bookstore and participates in marathons, in addition to working in a local theater production. As a recovering alcoholic, he also spends time with the actors at a local bowling alley.

He breaks down and has a few beers with the guys one night, which causes his son to believe him to be hypocritical about his use of chew. Ed continues to become more agitated, becoming obsessed with a book by an alleged extraterrestrial called the Guardian.

Finally, Max’s life begins to turn around when he meets a beautiful runner. Just then, he is interrupted with a frantic telepathic call from Ed as he learns that his son is being attacked by a rapist and murderer. Max manages to rush to his son to save him from the Shore Killer.

| 1992 | 1 hr 49 min | 4.9/10
Jeff Goldblum, Rory Cochrane, Famke Janssen, Mitchell Marchand
Paul Mones
Produced By
Jon Kilik
Fathers & Sons
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Also directed by Paul Mones