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Fetishes is a documentary film that was directed by, produced by, as well as written by Nick Broomfield. This film stars a Mistress Beatrice, Mistress Catherine, Mistress Delilah, Mistress Nastasha, and Mistress Raven. This fetishes film is approximately 84 minutes in running time and it was distributed by HBO. Also, this film has been rated R18.

This film takes place on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, inside of a place called Pandora's Box. Pandora's Box is a highly upscale bondage house. During this documentation, Nick Broomfield and his crew visit Pandora's Box in order to interview a few of Pandora's clients. These clients are usually masked to hide their identity. Furthermore, the crew will also partake in watching some of these sessions based upon the client's particular fetish. These clients pay an upwards of $175 per hour for these Pandora's Box Mistresses to act out these fetishes. Nick Broomfield and his crew also speak with the mistresses, who discuss their work.

These fetish sessions can consist of, but not limited to, fetishes of rubber, wrestling fetishes, corporal punishment fetishes, masochism fetishes, and even infantilsm fetishes. The documentary then goes in further and interviews the owner of Pandora's Box, who goes by the name of Mistress Raven. As Mistress Raven explains, these unique fetishes are not necessarily focused on pain being a part of the whole experience, it's more so about the trasitioning of power. Plus, as Nick Broomfield and his crew speak with the clients once their session is over, they speak of how they are more relaxed, relieved, somewhat drained, and they are at peace with themselves.

This documentary will take you into a world that most of us are not familiar with. You will witness first hand the world of fetishes, how these sessions are done, how they vary, and how different people living completely different lives can have fetishes that need to be acted on.

| 1996 | 1 hr 24 min | 6.1/10
Mistress Beatrice, Nick Broomfield, Mistress Catherine, Mistress Delilah
Nick Broomfield
Produced By
Nick Broomfield
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