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Sex: My British Job is a documentary film by British director Nick Broomfield, released in 2013. The film deals with the difficult and often controversial subject of prostitution, focusing on the experiences of women working in the industry in the UK. The film is based on Broomfield's interviews with various women involved in prostitution, as well as former police officers, sex workers' rights activists, and other professionals.

The film is structured around a series of interviews with women in different parts of the country, including Plymouth, Brighton, and London. These women are all involved in different aspects of prostitution, from streetwalking to high-end escort work. Some of them have been involved in the industry for many years, while others are relatively new to it. The interviews are often quite confronting, with the women describing their experiences of violence, abuse, addiction, and exploitation.

One of the main themes of the film is the way in which sex work is often portrayed in the media and by policymakers. Broomfield takes aim at the way in which sex workers are frequently dismissed as victims or criminals, rather than being seen as independent agents making their own choices. He also explores the inherent hypocrisy of a society that condemns sex work while at the same time consuming it in vast quantities.

Throughout the film, Broomfield draws on the expertise of various experts to shed light on different aspects of the industry. He speaks to former police officers who worked on vice squads, as well as academics and activists who are involved in sex workers' rights. One particularly memorable interview is with Helena Kennedy QC, who argues that current laws around prostitution are not fit for purpose and that a more nuanced approach is needed.

Sex: My British Job is not an easy film to watch. The stories of the women involved in prostitution are often painful and difficult to hear. However, Broomfield's approach is always compassionate and respectful, and he allows the women to speak for themselves. The film is also a powerful critique of the way in which society views sex work, and the various double standards that surround the industry.

Throughout the film, Broomfield also explores the various reasons why women become involved in prostitution. He talks to women who were coerced or forced into the industry, as well as women who chose it as a means of escape from other difficult situations. He also looks at the role of drugs in the industry, and the way in which addiction can trap women in a cycle of exploitation and abuse.

Overall, Sex: My British Job is an important film that sheds light on a difficult and little-understood topic. Broomfield's compassionate approach and willingness to listen to the stories of the women involved in prostitution make the film a valuable contribution to the debate around sex work. While the film is not always easy to watch, it is a powerful reminder of the need for greater understanding and compassion towards those involved in this industry.

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