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"Keep Your Eye On The Indians And Your Finger On the Trigger!"
  • NR
  • 1965
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 4.9  (149)

Finger on the Trigger is a Western action film from 1965, directed by Sidney W. Pink and starring Rory Calhoun, Aldo Sambrell, and James Philbrook. The movie is set in a small town in the old West, where a retired gunslinger named Bob O'Neil (Calhoun) is drawn back into the world of violence and danger he had left behind. The story begins with O'Neil arriving in town and discovering that his old friend and fellow gunslinger, Jim Flannery (Philbrook), has been murdered. O'Neil is convinced that Flannery's death was not just a random act of violence, but the work of a more sinister force. He sets out to find out who is behind the murder and why.

O'Neil soon realizes that the town is controlled by a wealthy and ruthless businessman named Lionel Jackson (Sambrell). Jackson has a monopoly on the local mining industry and controls the townspeople through fear and intimidation. O'Neil discovers that Flannery had been investigating Jackson's business practices and had stumbled upon evidence that could bring him down.

Finger on the Trigger follows O'Neil's attempts to uncover the truth and bring Jackson to justice. Along the way, he teams up with a group of local miners who have also been victimized by Jackson's greed. Together, they engage in a series of shootouts and other thrilling action sequences as they try to take down Jackson and his band of hired guns.

The film features many classic Western tropes, including showdowns in dusty streets, outlaws with evil intentions, and a hero with a troubled past. However, Finger on the Trigger also explores some more complex themes, such as corporate greed and the corrupting influence of power. The movie also has a number of twists and turns that keep audiences engaged and eager to see how the story will unfold.

One of the standout aspects of Finger on the Trigger is its excellent cast. Rory Calhoun delivers a strong and nuanced performance as the lead character, Bob O'Neil. Calhoun's range as an actor allows him to convincingly portray O'Neil as a tough and skilled gunslinger, but also as a man struggling with regrets and the desire for redemption. Aldo Sambrell is equally impressive as the film's villain, Lionel Jackson. Sambrell is able to convey both the character's cold and ruthless business side, as well as his underlying desperation and vulnerability.

The supporting cast is also strong, with James Philbrook providing a memorable turn as O'Neil's doomed friend, Jim Flannery. In addition, the film features a number of talented character actors in smaller roles, such as Leo Gordon, who plays one of Jackson's henchmen.

Despite its relatively low budget and somewhat dated special effects, Finger on the Trigger remains a thrilling and engaging Western that holds up well today. The film's exciting action sequences, compelling story, and strong performances enable it to stand out from other movies in the genre. Whether you're a fan of classic Westerns or just looking for an exciting action movie, Finger on the Trigger is well worth checking out.

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