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  • 1938
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Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars is a classic science fiction film from 1938, directed by Ford Beebe and Robert F. Hill, and starring Buster Crabbe, Jean Rogers, and Charles Middleton. It is the second film in the Flash Gordon franchise, following the 1936 film Flash Gordon, and is based on the comic strip character of the same name created by Alex Raymond.

The film begins with Earth in crisis, as a mysterious magnetic disturbance threatens to destroy the planet. Flash Gordon, his girlfriend Dale Arden, and scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov are summoned to the planet Mongo, where they must seek help from Prince Barin and Queen Fria of the ice kingdom. They soon discover that the magnetic disturbance is due to an energy beam originating from the planet Mars, which is being manipulated by Ming the Merciless, the evil ruler of Mongo.

Flash and his companions travel to Mars to confront Ming, but are captured and imprisoned in his palace. There they meet Vultan, the king of the Hawkmen, and his queen Azura, who is plotting against Ming. Flash must navigate a dangerous web of alliances and betrayals as he tries to stop Ming from destroying Earth, and rescue his friends from their captivity.

As with the first film, Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars is a colorful and action-packed adventure, filled with inventive sets, costuming, and special effects. The film's production design is particularly impressive, with elaborate sets depicting Ming's palace, the ice kingdom, and the various other locations the characters visit. The special effects, while primitive by modern standards, are still impressive for their time, with elaborate miniature models, matte paintings, and animation used to create the film's otherworldly landscapes and creatures.

The film's cast also delivers strong performances, particularly Buster Crabbe as Flash Gordon. Crabbe brings a sense of heroic charisma to the role, convincingly portraying Flash as an intrepid adventurer and leader. Jean Rogers also returns as Dale Arden, providing a capable and determined counterpart to Flash. Charles Middleton, reprising his role as Ming the Merciless, is suitably villainous, his sneering manner and melodramatic line delivery making him the perfect foil for Flash.

Overall, Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars is a thrilling and entertaining adventure that will delight fans of classic science fiction. While its special effects and storytelling may seem dated by modern standards, it remains a testament to the creativity and imagination of the era's filmmakers, and a classic example of the pulp science fiction genre.

Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
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