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"Could it be that French is the true language of love?"
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French Film is a romantic comedy that was written by Aschlin Ditta and was directed by Jackie Oudney. The story concerns two relationships taking place in North London that are coming to a close. Journalist, Jed (played by Hugh Bonneville), has fallen for his best friend's old girlfriend. However, Jed lacks the gumption to actually make a play and approach her to let her know of his feelings. As a result, he goes to film director, Thierry Grimaldi for advice who attempts to teach him about the philosophy of love in France.

Cheryl (played by Victoria Hamilton) and Jed have been living together for around ten years. They’ve gotten into their own groove. Therefore, it becomes surprising to them both when each realizes that the relationship is not going as well as they’d both been assuming that it was.

By the time that they finally attend couple’s therapy, it only serves to reaffirm to them that it is beyond time to move on. Everything comes crashing down while Jed researches an article concerning French film director, Thierry Gramandi (played by Eric Cantona). Through this exercise he is able to adopt an entirely different perspective on the meaning of love.

Jed initially dismisses what the filmmaker says, believing it to be pompous and pretentious. He is a writer and failed novelist who despises the French. Jed also realizes that his best friend, Marcus (played by Douglas Henshall) has been basing much of his own love philosophy around that of Gramandi’s viewpoints.

In fact, Marcus had used some of these tactics to attain the affections of his girlfriend, Sophie (Anne-Marie Duff). However, during an unexpected meeting with his childhood sweetheart, Marcus decides to rethink his feelings for Sophie, leaving Jed in a surprised and awkward position.

Many producers were involved in making this film, including Rachel Connors, Arvind Ethan David, Judy Counihan, Jonny Persey, Aschlin Ditta and Michael Riley. The film features actors Anne-Marie Duff, Hugh Bonneville, Victoria Hamilton, Douglas Henshall, Eric Cantona, Adrian Annis and Benjamin Bellecour.

2007 | | 6.5/10
Peter Agnelli, Adrian Annis, Benjamin Bellecour, Hugh Bonneville
Jackie Oudney
Produced By
Rachel Connors, Arvind Ethan David, Judy Counihan, Jonny Persey, Aschlin Ditta, Michael Riley (film producer)

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