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  • TV-PG
  • 2010
  • 1 hr 28 min
  • 6.3  (811)

Freshman Father is a heartwarming made-for-television movie that premiered on Hallmark Channel in the year 2010. This movie is inspired by a true story that involves a high school senior, a pregnant girlfriend, and a life-changing circumstance that changed the course of their lives. Drew Seeley stars as John Patton, a typical high school senior who lives for basketball, academics, and hanging out with his friends. John has a loving girlfriend named Kathy Blair, played by Britt Irvin, who is also his high school sweetheart. They have been dating for three years and their relationship is going strong. During their senior year, Kathy finds out that she is pregnant with John's baby. This news changes everything for John and Kathy. They are forced to grow up faster than they anticipated and face the realities of being young and pregnant. Kathy makes a difficult decision to keep the baby and John supports her every step of the way.

As the due date gets closer, John decides to take a gap year and postpone his college plans to support his growing family. John's decision is not well received by his parents, who want him to attend a prestigious university and pursue a career in law. John's mother worries about his future and thinks that he is making a mistake by not going to college. John's father is strict and disappointed with John's decision. John's younger brother, played by Ryan McDonald, is supportive of his older brother's decision and helps him every step of the way.

Freshman Father showcases the challenges of teenage pregnancy, fatherhood, and young love. It also highlights the importance of family, friends, and support systems. John's journey from high school senior to a devoted father is full of ups and downs. He has to balance his responsibilities as a father, boyfriend, and son. John learns how to change diapers, feed his baby, and take care of his girlfriend. He also learns how to navigate the challenges of being a young father and a high school dropout.

The movie also explores the relationship between John and Kathy. They are both navigating uncharted territory and trying to do their best for their baby. They face challenges such as financial difficulties, disapproval from their parents, and the pressure to succeed. John and Kathy's love for each other and their baby is tested, but they remain committed to each other and their family.

Freshman Father is a story of hope, love, and sacrifice. It shows that being a parent at any age is challenging but rewarding. The movie is well-acted, with Drew Seeley and Britt Irvin delivering convincing performances. The supporting cast, including Ryan McDonald, is also excellent. The script is well-written, with moments of humor, drama, and emotion. The pacing is just right, and the movie never drags.

Overall, Freshman Father is an excellent movie that will appeal to anyone who loves feel-good stories. It is a tale of a young man's journey to fatherhood, and how he overcomes obstacles with the help of his family and friends. The movie will leave viewers feeling inspired, happy, and grateful for the ones they love. It's a must-watch for anyone looking for a heartwarming movie that emphasizes the importance of family, love, and sacrifice.

Freshman Father
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    1 hr 28 min
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    6.3  (811)