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  • 1969
  • 8.5  (59)

Gejje Pooje is a 1969 Kannada language romantic drama film that revolves around the love story between a village girl, Gejje, and a city-based teacher, Venu. The movie is directed by Puttanna Kanagal and stars Arathi, K.S. Ashwath, Pandari Bai, and Narasimharaju in lead roles. The movie opens with the introduction of Gejje, an innocent village girl who lives with her father and stepmother. Gejje is enamored by Venu, a city-based schoolteacher, who visits their village to organize a play. Venu is smitten by Gejje's beauty and innocence and is drawn towards her. The two soon fall in love and start seeing each other.

However, their love story is not without hurdles. Gejje's father and stepmother are opposed to their relationship as they believe that Venu is not suitable for Gejje, and they want her to marry someone from their own community. Venu, on the other hand, faces opposition from his family who wants him to marry someone from their caste.

As their love faces opposition from both families, Gejje and Venu decide to elope and start a new life. They move to the city and start living together. However, their problems do not end as Gejje finds it difficult to adjust to the city life, and Venu faces challenges at work. Their relationship is further tested when Gejje is forced to return to the village due to an emergency in her family.

Gejje's absence causes Venu to reassess his priorities and choices. He realizes that he has been selfish in their relationship and that his desire to be with Gejje has disrupted her life. He decides to make amends and resolves to win over Gejje's family to accept their relationship.

The movie adeptly depicts the struggle of two individuals against societal norms and expectations. It showcases how love can test relationships and how two people can face and overcome their challenges to be together. The movie's lyrical depiction of themes like love, sacrifice, and struggle has helped it attain an iconic status in Kannada cinema.

Gejje Pooje features some iconic performances from the lead actors. Arathi delivers a stunning performance as the innocent Gejje. Her expressive eyes and heartwarming smile perfectly capture the character's naivety and innocence. K.S Ashwath delivers a memorable performance as Venu, the city-based teacher who is caught between his love for Gejje and his societal obligations. The chemistry between the two actors is palpable, and their performances are a tribute to the skill of the actors' craft.

The movie's direction by Puttanna Kanagal is masterful. The director expertly weaves a complex narrative that brings to life the struggles of Gejje and Venu. The camera work, music, and editing all come together seamlessly to create an emotional and engaging movie experience.

Overall, Gejje Pooje is a timeless Kannada classic that has had a lasting impact on the movie industry in South India. Its themes, performances, and cinematic technique continue to inspire generations of filmmakers and actors.

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