Getting It Right

"Gavin is 31... and a virgin. One wild night and three woman later, he's finally... Getting It Right."
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Getting It Right is a comedy and drama film about a 31 year old man named Gavin who is still at home living with his parents. Gavin is a particularly shy man, and although he is somewhat of a recluse he discovers that two glamorous women are actually interested in him. Despite having the interest of these women, Gavin is more attracted to a very unattractive lady that works in the local barbershop. This hilariously awkward story takes people on a wild ride through twists and turns as Gavin learns how to overcome his shy persona and go after the woman he wants.

| 1989 | 1 hr 42 min | 6.5/10
Jesse Birdsall, Jane Horrocks, Helena Bonham Carter, Pat Heywood
Randal Kleiser
Produced By
Jonathan D. Krane, Randal Kleiser
Getting It Right
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Also starring Jane Horrocks