Girls Nite Out

"It Began as a Game..."
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Years ago the quiet campus of Weston Hill University was filled with screams after a student was killed by her boyfriend following her breaking up with him. Now years later a one of the schools sororities is initiating new members and undertaking what is supposed to be a fun night time scavenger hunt. Things start going horribly wrong when a mysterious figure in a bear costume with razor sharp knives strapped to one paw is killing the girls one by one. The original killer has escaped from the local mental institution and police have no idea where to look. When the original victim’s father, now chief of campus security goes on the hunt, the real question isn’t who is hunting and who is being hunted, but more why?

| 1983 | | 4.8/10
Julia Montgomery, James Carroll, Suzanne Barnes, Rutanya Alda
Robert Deubel
Produced By
Anthony N. Gurvis
Girls Nite Out
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Also starring James Carroll