Girls Will Be Girls

"An actress' life can be a real drag."
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Evie Harris (Plotnick) is a washed up, alcoholic that is aging as a c listed actress. Evie is a popular actress who is played by a popular actor. Evie has worked in an array of shows such as the television special "Christmas Eve", Tabitha, Celebrities Who Kill, and tons more. Evie has lived her life to the fullest but her career seems to be slipping right off of her finger tips. She now lives in a very tackily out of styled bungalow along with her close friend named Coco (Clinton Leupp), who is a homely, yet lonely, doormat of this spinster who has been carrying a torch for this handsome successful doctor who was the one that performed her abortion a while back.

Evie's life has seriously turned upside down the moment when her brand new roommate has arrived. Her new roommate is named Varla Simonds (Jeff Roberson) and she is well known for being the highly voracious, starry eyed daughter of the main rival of Evie, the late actress Marla Simonds. Marla claimed her fame acting as Chesty in the film Fill Her Up, the hugely acclaimed spinoff C.P.O. Sharkey, and her almost role as the lead of Asteroid, but Evie instead was casted for that role instead of her.

Evie Harris then acts as very competitive whenever she's around Varla, especially when she starts to recognize the steamy chemistry between her sweet and gorgeous looks and her handsome as well as microscopically endowed son who is also an "ambulance chasing" lawyer named Stevie (Ron Mathews). The moment Varla snags an amazing starring role in a few commercials for the "Bizzy Gal dinners" business, jealousy and a lot of tension start to erupt among the three beautiful women. The jealously and hate between the women starts to worsen and their boiling point as well as treachery soon start to rear their true ugly sides.

| 2002 | 1 hr 19 min | 7.0/10 | 52/100
Jack Plotnick, Clinton Leupp, Jeffery Roberson, Ron Mathews
Richard Day
Girls Will Be Girls
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Also directed by Richard Day

Also starring Jack Plotnick