Glory to the Filmmaker!

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This Japanese comedy cuts through multiple layers of traditional genres, in thought provoking ways. Takeshi Kitano, playing a version of his real life self, is a screenwriter with no current output, gripped by writer's block. In desperation to produce a new screenplay, Takeshi jumps from one style to another. To try his hand at new genres, he does black and white mysteries, a regular romance, a horror story, and martial arts action stories. Each attempt ends worse than the one previous. Then he hits on it, a science fiction film called The Promised Day, which he plans to significantly modify.

2007 | | 6.5/10
Takeshi Kitano, Tôru Emori, Kayoko Kishimoto, Anne Suzuki
Takeshi Kitano
Produced By
Masayuki Mori
Glory to the Filmmaker!
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Also starring Tôru Emori