Good Morning and... Goodbye!

"...for those who measure success only in the hours before the morning light!"
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This melodrama follows the dismal existence that has become the life of Burt and his dysfunctional family. Burt has become emasculated by his overbearing and adulterous wife, Angel, but is powerless to do anything about it. Burt's teenage daughter, Lana, from an earlier marriage loathes her stepmother for her domineering ways and pities her father for not being able to stand up to her evil stepmother. Angel begins an affair with Stone, a muscle head Casanova who fills his time servicing the lonely housewives of the neighborhood. Stone also has his eyes on the luscious but underage Lana.

Tired of the spiteful and loveless place his home has become, Burt sets out to take a walk. Little does he know that he has chosen a very special day for his sojourn. While meandering through the forest, he is confronted by Haji, a mysterious and beautiful sorceress. She can only be seen and touched by human beings one day a year

| 1967 | 1 hr 18 min | 5.6/10
Alaina Capri, Stuart Lancaster, Patrick Wright, Haji
Russ Meyer
Good Morning and... Goodbye!
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