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  • 1969
  • 1 hr 11 min
  • 5.3  (1,302)

Cherry, Harry & Raquel! is an erotic independent film directed by the controversial filmmaker Russ Meyer. This film, released in 1969, centers around three main characters, Cherry, Harry, and Raquel, who get involved in a love triangle while they work at a desert resort. Cherry is a beautiful young woman who works at the resort as a waitress. She's pursued by both Harry, a handsome, muscly cowboy who works at the ranch next door, and Raquel, a fiery Latina who works at the resort as a dancer. Both men are in love with Cherry and want her for themselves. However, Cherry is torn between the two and is unsure of which man she truly wants.

The film begins with a series of overlapping vignetted scenes that are meant to introduce the characters and the setting. The camera work is incredibly raw and jarring, with zooms and quick cuts that give the film a very frenzied feel. The setting is a desolate and barren desert, with plenty of rocky outcroppings and snake-infested landscapes.

As the film progresses, Cherry becomes more and more confused about her feelings for Harry and Raquel. She spends time with both men, eventually leading them to think that she wants to be with them exclusively. However, when she finally makes a decision, it may not be the one they were expecting.

The film is definitely not meant for everyone, as it contains highly sexualized themes and images. There are scenes of nudity, sexual activity, and even some graphic violence. The camera work is often very voyeuristic, with close-ups of body parts and highly suggestive angles.

Despite its many flaws, Cherry, Harry & Raquel! has become something of a cult classic. The film's rough edges and raw sexual energy have helped it find a devoted audience, and director Russ Meyer's unique style has influenced countless filmmakers over the years.

Overall, Cherry, Harry & Raquel! is certainly not a film for everyone. Its highly sexualized themes and experimental filming style may turn off some viewers. However, for those who are looking for something truly different, this film offers a fascinating glimpse into the work of director Russ Meyer and the unconventional world of independent cinema.

Cherry, Harry & Raquel!
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