Gotta Catch Santa Claus

"Finding Santa Will Be the Adventure of a Lifetime"
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Gotta Catch Santa Claus is a Christmas animation movie centered around a boy named Trevor. Trevor believes in Santa Claus, but his beliefs are challenged by his friends who claim that Santa Claus does not exist. Trevor and his friend Veronica end up finding themselves on an adventure of a lifetime to prove that Santa Claus does indeed exist.

The film also introduces us to an old enemy of Santa Claus who awakens with his own thoughts of capturing Santa Claus. An evil ice monster named LaFreeze and his evil snowmen feel that the time has come to finally seek revenge on their century long grudge that they have had with Santa Claus. They want to put a permanent end to Santa Claus and all of his Christmas business.

Trevor is a very brainy kid and does not think of capturing Santa as he comes down the chimney as most kids would. His plans instead involve using a laser to shoot Santa right out of the sky. This of course would seem that Trevor is doing LaFreeze a favor, but as in all films made for children it all turns out to be a happy story in the end.

The voice of Trevor is played by Cory Doran and the voice of Veronica is played by Lisa Lennox. William Shatner is the voice of Santa Claus.

Fans of children Christmas specials will find Gotta Catch Santa Claus as a delightful film that reminds us all of how powerful kids imaginations can be. It is very family friendly and kids of all ages will enjoy watching it. The main message of the movie is to never stop believing in Santa Claus.

| 2007 | 1 hr | 4.3/10
Cory Doran, Lisa Lennox, Nathan Stephenson, Sweeney MacArthur
Jin Choi II, Peter Lepeniotis, Jamie Waese
Gotta Catch Santa Claus
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