The Santa Trap

"The Only Thing Missing This Christmas Is Santa Claus"
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The Emerson family has just left their winter wonderland of New England, and are on the move to the hot and dry deserts of the Southwest United States. Coming from one extreme to the other, one of the things that the young daughter is missing the most is the true Christmas spirit. Without snow and the traditional bearings of a winter season, the daughter is down and depressed and wishes it all could change. One night, the family catches Santa Claus in their house. To their great dismay they call the police thinking he is an intruder. Now Santa must fight to prove his innocence.

Not Rated
| 2002 | 2 hr | 4.0/10
Shelley Long, Robert Hays, Stacy Keach, Corbin Bernsen
John Shepphird
The Santa Trap
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