Christmas Every Day

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The movie Christmas Every Day is based on a short story with the same name. The story was written by William Dean Howell. The movie was made for television and has been featured on many different channels. The story tells about a young girl who made a Christmas wish. She wished that everyday could be Christmas for one year. The movie is set in a town in Virginia. This town is right outside of Washington D.C. Billy Jackson is a teenager who is rather selfish. His younger sister made a wish that every day would be Christmas. Billy is then forced to relive the same Christmas on a daily basis. Billy has to keep relieving this day until he realizes that Christmas is about giving and not receiving. He finally realized the true meaning of Christmas. His sister sent letters to a fairy everyday wishing for it to remain Christmas. She finally got a letter back from the fairy saying that she would be able to get Christmas every day for a period of one year.

For most of the movie Billy does not enjoy reliving Christmas. He feels his life has becoming anything but unpleasant. Each day he has to come in contact with the bully of the school. He also has to hear his father and his uncle argue. His uncle wants to build a mega store. His father is opposed to this because it would put many of the local stores out of business. He plays a prank during the Christmas pageant that goes wrong. He also forgets to bring an old lady in need her bag of food. After going through these moments everyday single day for a long time Billy starts to realize the consequences of his actions and how they were wrong. After learning the real meaning of the holidays Billy is able to put a stop to the everyday Christmas.

1996 | | 6.4/10
Robert Hays, Bess Armstrong, Erik von Detten, Yvonne Zima
Larry Peerce
Produced By
Gary M. Goodman Barry Rosen
Christmas Every Day
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Also starring Bess Armstrong