Why Would I Lie?

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  • 1980
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Why Would I Lie? is a dramatic comedy released in 1980, directed by Larry Peerce and starring Treat Williams, Lisa Eichhorn, and Gabriel Macht. The movie's plot revolves around a man named Cletus Blake (Williams), working as a recreation director in a mental institution, and his complicated personal life. Cletus is a charming man, and his job requires him to be friendly and warm towards the patients. He has a good relationship with the patients, and they adore him. Cletus's bubbly attitude and good looks have made him popular with the women around him, including his wife, Leann (Eichhorn). He has a happy married life, or so it seems.

However, as the story unfolds, we realize that Cletus's life is not as perfect as it seems. His charm hides a dark secret, and he is a compulsive liar with a history of fabricating stories. His lies have gotten him into trouble before, but he manages to talk his way out of things. When a patient at the hospital named Micki (Macht) begins to show an interest in him, Cletus finds himself tempted to lie again.

Micki is a beautiful, fragile woman who has been admitted to the institution after a nervous breakdown. She is in awe of Cletus and his charm, and he enjoys the attention. However, things take a dark turn when Cletus realizes that Micki believes everything he says. He decides to take advantage of her trust and tells her an outrageous lie, claiming that he is a CIA agent on a secret mission. Micki believes him and starts to assist him in his mission.

As Cletus's lie spirals out of control, things become dangerous, and he realizes that he has to come clean before things spiral out of control. As he begins to come to terms with his past and the consequences of his lies, he also has to face the truth about his marriage and the lies he has told his wife.

Why Would I Lie? is a thought-provoking movie that explores the consequences of lying and the importance of honesty in personal relationships. Treat Williams delivers a fantastic performance in the lead role, portraying the complexity of Cletus's character with nuance and subtlety. Lisa Eichhorn is also commendable, playing the role of Leann, Cletus's wife with sensitivity and grace.

The movie's cinematography is excellent, capturing the mood of the institution and the characters' emotional states superbly. The story highlights the importance of mental health and how institutions can help people with mental illness to regain their confidence and self-worth.

In conclusion, Why Would I Lie? is a riveting drama with a humorous edge that delves into the complexities of relationships and the consequences of dishonesty. The movie is well acted, well-directed, and leaves a lasting impact on the viewer.

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