Smooth Talk

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The film, “Smooth Talk,” is a tale about a 15-year old girl, Connie Wyatt, who begins to explore her sexuality. As a sophomore in high school, she longs to get into the world as most teens do. Her mom does nothing but put her down and her father ignores the completely dysfunctional family dynamic. Her sister is held with high praise and love from her mother, which makes it tougher on Connie. As she spends time at the family cottage for the summer, her mother constantly harps on Connie to paint the vacation home.

Connie loves to shop at the mall, hang out with friends, and be flirtatious around boys. She ends up getting a date invitation with one of the local boys and the date ends in disaster. The boy wants to do more than Connie is ready for. She runs from him, frightened.

While eating at a local café, a man comes to her and tells her he is watching her. Her family goes off to a barbecue with friends and the man approaches her. He tells her he is a friend and informs her he is responsible for a few high-name teen acts in show business. He seems kind enough and has a car that boasts his name as, “friend.” There is a female passenger in the car with him, although he is not speaking to her in the same friendly tone of voice that he uses when talking to Connie.

The man tells Connie that he has watched her for some time and he knows her well. He refers to the barbecue her parents and sister have gone to and repeats the facts accurately. He tells Connie he can be her boyfriend. Connie is frightened and informs him she is not interested. He threatens to burn down her house in return if she does not leave with him.

She leaves with him, after he talks her into going. She comes home in shock and angry. Connie tells him that she will never go anywhere with him again. Connie’s attitude changes at this point in the movie.

Connie’s mother approaches her after they return from the summer party. Connie keeps her secret to herself, never revealing the experience to her mother. Mother and daughter end the movie by dancing together to her mother’s favorite song.

| 1985 | 1 hr 36 min | 6.2/10 | 74/100
Treat Williams, Laura Dern, Mary Kay Place, Margaret Welsh
Joyce Chopra
Produced By
Martin Rosen
Smooth Talk
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