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"Sometimes, the only way to win the man of your dreams is to cheat."
  • R
  • 1988
  • 1 hr 33 min
  • 4.2  (246)

Sweet Lies is a romantic drama movie released in 1987. The movie is directed by Nathalie Delon and stars Treat Williams, Joanna Pacula, Julianne Phillips in lead roles. The plot revolves around a love triangle between a successful businessman, Michael (Treat Williams), and two beautiful women, Nancy (Joanna Pacula) and Sondra (Julianne Phillips). Michael is a wealthy businessman who has everything anyone could ever want - power, money, and charm. His work is his life, and he is a master of manipulating both people and situations to get what he wants.

One day, Michael meets Nancy, an artist and a single mother, who is struggling to make ends meet. They soon fall in love with each other, and Michael starts to have a change of heart. He starts to see how love and happiness can be more important than money and power. But their happiness is short-lived when Sondra, a beautiful and ambitious young woman, comes into the picture.

Sondra is also a businesswoman, ambitious and determined to succeed. She is instantly attracted to Michael and makes it her mission to win his heart. Michael is drawn to Sondra's intelligence and confidence, and he finds himself falling for her. As Michael gets caught up in this love triangle, he must decide between the two women he loves. But the decision is not easy, and it will have far-reaching consequences for everyone involved.

The movie Sweet Lies is a complex and emotional drama that explores the themes of love, loyalty, and betrayal. The lead actors Treat Williams, Joanna Pacula, and Julianne Phillips deliver outstanding performances that bring the story to life. Williams' charming and manipulative character is both captivating and unsettling, while Pacula's vulnerable persona is both endearing and heart-wrenching. Julianne Phillips' portrayal of Sondra is intense and powerful, adding depth to the love triangle.

The movie's cinematography is excellent, with stunning shots of the French countryside and the city of Paris. The movie's score is also noteworthy, with a beautiful soundtrack that adds to the emotional intensity of the story.

Overall, Sweet Lies is a captivating movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its captivating performances, excellent cinematography, and emotional storyline, Sweet Lies is a must-watch for any fan of romantic dramas.

Sweet Lies
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    1 hr 33 min
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    4.2  (246)