Honeymoon With Mom

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A beautiful, naïve 20-something, Shannon is all set for her big wedding day, believing she is in love and marrying a handsome, successful young man. But when he jilts her and doesn't show up to their wedding, leaving her at the altar, she turns to her mother for support and advice. Her mother is also single, having raised Shannon alone, and offers that she and Shannon go on the planned honeymoon together to help Shannon clear her mind and heal emotionally.

Mother and daughter arrive at a beautiful, remote resort, but Shannon doesn't know that her mother has other motives for coming along. She works for a failing magazine, and needs a big interview to help magazine sales. She intends to interview the resort's owner, a former astronaut, while on the island.

Shannon, preoccupied with a young man she meets on the island, realizes that her former fiancé was self centered and conceited and would have caused her a lot of pain and anger if she had married him. Interestingly, her mother, Marla, also gets a chance at love while honeymooning with her daughter.

| 2006 | 2 hr | 4.7/10
Shelley Long, Jack Scalia, Virginia Williams, Eric Johnson
Paul A. Kaufman
Honeymoon With Mom
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