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"Created to Obey"
  • R
  • 1994
  • 1 hr 45 min
  • 4.8  (687)

T-Force is a 1994 science fiction action film that tells the story of a special task force comprised of robots called T-Force. These robots are specifically designed to track down and eliminate dangerous criminals that law enforcement is unable to capture. The movie stars Jack Scalia as Lt. Jack "Ace" Hunter, the leader of the task force, Evan Lurie as Cromwell, a cyborg assassin, and Erin Gray as Erin, an expert in artificial intelligence who oversees the development of the T-Force robots.

The story begins with a vicious criminal named Cain (Martin E. Brooks) who is wreaking havoc across the city. Cain has a personal vendetta against Lt. Hunter, who nearly killed him during a previous encounter. Hunter is determined to capture Cain and put an end to his crime spree, but he knows he can't do it alone. That's where the T-Force comes in.

Erin Gray's character, Erin, has been working on the development of the T-Force robots for years. She has designed them to be able to adapt to any situation they encounter, making them the perfect tool for taking down Cain. Erin is initially hesitant to let the T-Force loose on the streets, as she worries they may not be able to differentiate between right and wrong. However, Lt. Hunter persuades her that they are the only tool they have that can stop Cain.

The T-Force is made up of four robots, each with its unique abilities. Abel (Chad McQueen) is a fast and agile tracker who can quickly locate Cain's whereabouts. Lucy (Jennifer MacDonald) is a highly skilled fighter who can take down multiple foes at once. Max (Bobby Johnston) is an expert in surveillance, with the ability to follow targets from a distance without being detected. Finally, Cromwell (Evan Lurie) is a cyborg with advanced weaponry and a ruthless demeanor.

As the T-Force begins to track down Cain, they quickly realize that he is not alone. He has a team of highly skilled criminals helping him carry out his crimes. The T-Force is pushed to their limits as they take on Cain and his team in a series of intense action scenes. The robot's advanced abilities are put to the test as they face off against highly skilled opponents, culminating in a final showdown between Cain and Lt. Hunter.

Throughout the movie, there are several themes explored related to the ethics of using robots in law enforcement. Erin's character, in particular, is torn between her desire to see the robots succeed and her fear that they could cause more harm than good. Also, there are moments where the T-Force's ability to "think for themselves" sometimes put them at odds with their human counterparts, such as when Cromwell decides to disobey orders to complete his mission.

Overall, T-Force is an entertaining action movie with an interesting concept at its core. While some of the effects may seem dated by today's standards, the movie holds up reasonably well and still manages to deliver some thrilling action scenes. If you're a fan of '90s action flicks or are interested in seeing a movie that explores the use of robots in law enforcement, then T-Force is worth checking out.

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    4.8  (687)