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"Magically Delicious! A Real Family Treat!"
  • PG
  • 2002
  • 4.4  (1,530)

Based on the Brothers Grimm story of the same name, the film begins in the modern day, with siblings Andrew (Thomas Curtis) and Katie (Dakota Fanning) asking their dad to read them a story before bed. He finds an old book, dusts it off and begins to read them a story. Along with their father (played by Gerald McRaney) and stepmother (portrayed by Delta Burke), Hansel (Jacob Smith) and Gretel (Taylor Momsen) are very poor and live in a shack in the woods. Their father is a good man who loves them very much. Their stepmother wants them gone and one day takes them deep into the forest where she leaves them lost and hungry.

While looking for food, they come upon a tricky troll (Bobcat Goldthwait) and end up in his house. They are rescued by the Sandman (Howie Mandel), and the three find the Wood Fairy (Alana Austin). Together the four of them try to find Hansel and Gretel’s way home.

While the Sandman and the Wood Fairy are looking for food, Hansel and Gretel wander off. They discover a house made of candy and sugar, and the nice lady (Lynn Redgrave) inside invites to them to come inside and eat. They eat and fall asleep. But the next morning they see that the house made of candy is really an old shack, and the nice lady is really a witch. She has locked Hansel up and makes Gretel cook and feed him so he will become fat and tasty before the witch cooks him up to eat. The Sandman and the Wood Fairy help Hansel and Gretel to kill the witch and escape the shack.

Back in the modern day, the Sandman and Wood Fairy visit Andrew and Katie and tell them the story is real. Then the Sandman sprinkles his sleep dust, and the children drift off.

Hansel and Gretel
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    4.4  (1,530)