The Simian Line

"Does the future lie in the palm of your hand?"
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The movie "The Simian Line" is about a couple who decide to visit a fortune teller named Arnita. Arnita makes the prediction that one of the couples will break up which clearly causes distress among the couples. Each couple begins to doubt their relationship and trusts are tested, which causes a tension in each of the relationships as each does not know if they are the unlikely couple to make it. The intervention of ghosts helps to keep this relationships stable so they do not end up ruining their relationship and fulfilling this prophecy which has such consequences for them.

| 2000 | 1 hr 46 min | 5.6/10 | 46/100
Harry Connick Jr., Cindy Crawford, Tyne Daly, William Hurt
Linda Yellen
Produced By
Linda Yellen, Robert Renfield
The Simian Line
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